Monday, July 30, 2012

Southwest Fringe

This fringed shawl is another first time wear item that I've had for many, many months.  The hat has only been worn once or twice.  I'm really not much of a hat wearer, but I'll don one on a rare occasion.  This may be a first time wear for the wedge sandals also...and they are extremely comfortable.  Love these.  The skirt I think I've had for several years.
I'm linking up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday.  It's fun to join in, see what other lovely bloggers are wearing, and get a chance to visit their blogs too.


Thrifted Items:  Short sleeved sweater, shawl $4.99 (may have been on sale for less, but that's what the tag said that I just removed), bracelets on my right wrist, sandals $6.99 Unisa.
Necklace $8.80 = Forever 21
Bracelet $10.80 = Forever 21

Sunday, July 29, 2012

California Dreamin'

A casual day with a first time wearing of my Beverly Hills California t-shirt....which I'm sure I've had for at least a couple of years.

 I find California to be an idyllic state, although that may be a romantic notion...I'm not sure.  But I think it's beautiful.   The weather is wonderful.  I love the palm trees and ocean.  I could drive around looking at houses for days on end. My dream vacation would probably be to take a leisurely trip down the west coast, stopping at seaside towns along the way, and spend time in southern California.  That may sound strange to some.  Oh, yes....France and Italy would be lovely...but I'd be happy with California.

Thrifted Items:  Jeans $4.50 Gloria Vanderbilt, t-shirt $2.99 (It may have been on sale for as low as 99 cents, but I've forgotten.), lavender snakeskin look bracelet $2.10, earrings $1.50, purse $1.50, sandals $4.90 Nine West.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fashionably Satisfied

Today I feel satisfied and happy with this look.  I like the colors in my outfit.  I like my hair up and poufy.  I think it looks classier.  I also really love this purse and these sandals.  I'm happy that my nails (painted in a color called Charming Rose) match to the red color in my scarf and that my lipstick matches as well.  So all in all I feel pretty good about it.
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

 Thrifted Items:  Brown jeans, blue top, scarf, purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne, wedge sandals $5.60 Ilani Italia.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lavender Blue

I could wear white pants of some sort nearly every day I think.  Everything goes with them and I like the look.  I've got many outfits already planned out around either white jeans, slacks, or capri/cropped pants, so my apologies if the white gets too repetitive.  I'm going to try to squeeze in as many outfits as I can with them within the next couple of warmish months.

Thrifted Items:  White jeans $4.50 Amanda by Gloria Vanderbilt, lavender snakeskin bracelet $2.10, necklace $1.50, purse $7.79 Liz Claiborne, sandals $4.90 Nine West.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dark Light

Thrifted Items:  Skirt $4.80 Gap, black t-shirt Calvin Klein, white cardigan, bracelets, black leather purse $13 Nine West, black sandals Athena Alexander.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pink and Navy

Thrifted Items:  Jeans $4.50 Gloria Vanderbilt, pink/navy striped top $1.79 Croft & Barrow, navy cardigan, lavendar snakeskin print bracelet $2.10, light pink pearl bracelet, purse $2.40, navy sandals $5.60 Donna Lawrence.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Brown And White With Jeans

I want to thank you all for being so kind in the comments on yesterday's post.  Most of my features I've never liked, but have learned to live with and think, "well, this is me".  I'm a happy person and try not to get down on myself about things these days.  But sometimes it feels better covering bits up that I don't feel are very attractive....or the lesser attractive parts of me anyway.  I feel more comfortable in a longer, fuller skirt actually.  I may try to taper yesterday's green skirt as Joni suggested and then try it with navy tights to see if it would work for fall.  I bought it because I liked the navy/green combo look and I do like the color with the navy/green striped top I wore it with here.  I think I will like this outfit okay if I add the navy tights.
Today's outfit is jeans, white tunic with tan embroidery and sequins, and a pair of pretty brown sandals with flowers on them.  These are one of my favorite pairs of shoes, but don't get worn that often.

Thrifted Items:  Jeans $2 Sonoma Lifestyle, white tank top, white tunic, earrings $1, bracelets.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Short Lived

I bought this skirt in the spring and have worn it 2-3 times, but have come to realize that as much as I like this style (well really more like pencil skirts) on other people and wish I could wear the just above the knee length...I just don't feel least not without tights.  So this skirt, and probably a tan one I bought also, will be re-donated.  Blogging sure helps you see things about how clothing really looks on you that you might not see just gazing in a mirror.  Sometimes I listen to the photo and sometimes I'm resistant.  Took me about 3 tries before I was ready to say goodbye to this one, but at least I'm doing it.  I'm sure there are many other pieces in my wardrobe that could go due to the fact that they are unsuitable for me, but I just haven't come to that breaking up point with them yet.  I'm making progress though...little by little.

Thrifted Items:  Skirt $3.50 Jones Wear Sport, purple blouse $3.50 Tayolor & Henry Casuals, cardigan, bracelets, wedge sandals $5.60 Classified.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Shopping Attire

Thrifted Items:  Jeans $3 Lee, t-shirt, blazer $3 Norton McNaughton, earrings $1.99, sandals.
Teal Bracelet $1 = downtown accessories shop
Necklace $15 - online
Watch $16.99 = Target

Friday, July 20, 2012

In A Slump

Well, the last couple of days have not worked out the way I'd planned fashion wise.  Yesterday I started with this top, necklaces and hat.  I won't even show you the bottom half.  I've thought about wearing this top a few times over the last three years or so that I've owned it, but it just never works and so I end up not wearing it.  I was drawn to the colors of it, but it has a waistband that hits at a very awkward and unflattering spot and the fabric is sewn just slightly askew.  So I made my final decision to put this in the donate pile....along with the pants I was wearing as well.

Today was no better.  I thought I'd had an acceptable outfit planned, but when I put it on, it didn't work.
Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to work?  Yeah, that was today.  Out of alllllll the clothes I own I couldn't find anything that worked, that I didn't want to save for a different color nail polish (so much stress this is causing me, ha), and so I ended up with a very unexciting outfit....and a very messy room.  I will have to look at the bright side of this situation though.  It was pouring down rain and this was comfortable.  It was also the first time to wear this brown/cream top and I'd had it for about 6 years.  Nothing wrong with the top really, I just didn't wear it.  Maybe it's because the sleeves are cut shorter than I'm comfortable with.  So I threw on a denim shirt to wear over since it was kind of cool anyway.
I will try to do better this weekend.

Thrifted Items:  (Top Photo) Hat, turquoise/brown top necklaces.  (Bottom Photos) Navy slacks $1.50 Dockers, denim top, bracelets.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flowers and Leaves

Thrifted Items:  Capri pants $3.59 Crossroads, floral button down $4.99 Diane Rich California, blue tank top, sandals.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Menthe Fraiche

Thank you all for the anniversary comments.  Today we're going out to lunch.
I painted my nails last night and the color reminds me of bubble gum.  I prefer shades of red, pink or orange, but I'm going to experiment with a few other colors too just for fun.

Today I'm linking up with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.  Come join in!

Thrifted Items:  Pale yellow jeans $3 Gloria Vanderbilt, mulicolored top $3.75 NY Collection, black tank top, cardigan, earrings $1.99, purse $8 Nine West, sandals.
Teal Bracelet $1 = downtown accessories shop
Nail Polish = Menthe Fraiche

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Love x 5

Today is my 5 year anniversary of wedded bliss with my husband.  It's been the happiest, most wonderful, love filled years of my life.  He made me this beautiful card himself and that means so much to me.  Thank you, honey, for filling my life with a love I never knew was possible.

Thrifted Items:  Navy slacks $1.50 Dockers, striped tank top $1..50, bright salmon button down $5.99 Lino by Chico's, necklace, bracelets.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Red With Melon Mix


Thrifted Items:  Skirt $5.60 Jones New York, dark melon sweater $2.80 Croft & Barrow, red necklace, red belt $1.60.
Earrings $7 = Old Navy
Nail Polish = Big Daddy by Sinful Colors Professionals