Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year, Sweet Blog Friends!

This faux fur collar was found a couple of years ago on a sweater that was too big, but the collar was detachable and so it was worth the $6.50 price just for the collar alone.  I'll be wearing it again soon with a camel colored sweater.

 I love this pretty necklace that my daughter and her husband gifted me with last year (?) for Christmas.
 I've had this coat for a few years now and always get compliments when I wear it.  The collar serves double duty worn on the outside of the coat and then as a part of my outfit. 

 Thrifted Items:
Pants $4.35 AB Studios (Value Village)
Black Sweater $9.11 Kenneth Cole NY (Value Village)
Sparkle Top w/ Circles $4 (Value Village)
Faux Fur Collar $6.50 (Goodwill)
Coat $13 ? (Value Village)
Shoes $6.99 Franco Sarto (Goodwill)
~ ~ ~
Necklace = gifted
Earrings = old

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby Blue With Bling

This is part of my favorite sweater collection.  I love the soft, baby blue color.  I'll be wearing it with my white, tan, and brown pants in the future as well.

 I think this may have been the first time I've worn these jeans.  They have lots of fancy details, beads, and sparkle on the back pockets.  One of my first size 6 jeans in about 15 years or more!  I love the new "vanity" sizing. haha  I have mostly size 8 jeans and size 6 slacks now (even though I still have to slim down the legs on the slacks to make them to my liking).  I would love to go down one more size in each so that I'd be able to wear mostly 6's in jeans and 4's in slacks.   I'll work on it in the upcoming year.
 Thrifted Items:
Black Jeans $9.48 Code Bleu Marielle (Value Village)
Baby Blue Sweater $4.98 Hannah Career (Value Village)
Black Velvet Clutch w/Rhinestones $2.50 (Value Village)
Black Booties
~ ~ ~
Shorter Crystal/Gold Necklace $6.99 ebay
Pearl/Gold Chain Necklace $5.80 Forever 21
Pearl Bracelet Set $4.80 Forever 21
Earrings = old
Pearl Headband $1 Dollar Store
Gold Watch $16.98 Target

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Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Sweater With Gold Slippers

This was the first time I'd worn this sweater and I liked it even more than I thought I would.  It's so soft.  I just read the label and it's because it has 15% angora rabbit hair.  Whenever (IF-ha) I pair down my wardrobe to only include things I love and will wear over and over...this sweater will be on that "keepers" list.  Actually, this whole outfit will be. 

 A kind of awkward looking pic, but I was trying to get a close up of my jewelry.
 The earrings are old, but they are a bluish color and went really well with the sweater.

 Dinner:  Cheesy Potato Soup w/ Red Lobster imitation Cheesy Garlic Biscuits (these are soooo good...and easy)
 Thrifted Items:
Jeans $7 Levi's 512 Classic Slim Stretch (Value Village)
Sweater $6.38 Covington (Value Village)
Blue Gray Bangle $2.38 (Value Village)
Gold Loafers $6.99 Sandra Miller (Value Village)
~ ~ ~ 
Necklace $5.98 Target
Gold Watch $16.98 Target

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Argyle Cardigan

I slimmed down the legs on the gray slacks to make them more fitted and I like them much better than the wider ankle style they originally were.
 Necklace Blooper
 I tried the cardigan belted, but was just more comfortable with it loose so I wore sans belt.

 Thrifted Items:
Gray Pants $3.99 Worthington (Value Village)
Gray Top $4.80 Lea Nicole (Value Village)
Cardigan $6.50 St. John's Bay (Value Village)
Belt $1.99 (Goodwill)
Shoes ? Aerosoles
~ ~ ~
Necklace $2.82 ebay

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays, Dear Blog Readers!

I found this semi sheer sleeved jacket for $2.50 and the tank I'd purchased a few years ago and it still had the $1.99 tag on it, but I bet I got it even cheaper than that with a discount (didn't keep records of prices at that time).  A pretty good bargain for some Christmas sparkle!

 Last time I wore this necklace and matching bracelet (gifts from my sweet hubby) I forgot to get good photos of them, so I tried to get more close ups this time.

 Thrifted Items:
Black Pants $4.99 Lafayette 148 New York-new w/tags $298 (Goodwill)
Sequined Tank Top $1.99 (or less?)
Jacket $2.50 (Value Village)
Gold Clutch
Shoes $6 Lizflex by Liz Claiborne (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Necklace/Bracelet - gifted
~ ~ ~
Nails = NYC 126 Charming Rose Creme
Lips = Wet n Wild 521A

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Green and Red

A perfect time of year to wear this color combination.
 These types of sweaters (and similar) are favorites of mine because I can pretty much wear them about 8 months out of the year here and they are great for layering over  or under.  I"m collecting these in a variety of colors.

 Thrifted Items:
Black Pants $5 White House Black Market (Value Village)
Green Sweater $4 Sag Harbor (Value Village)
Red Scarf $1.19 (Goodwill)
Scarf Clip $1 (Value Village)
Black Leather Slip On Heeled Loafer $4 Cole Haan (Value Village)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Red Knit Hat

Here's the red hat that went with the scarf I wore in my last post.  It was a little drizzly out and we were running errands so I decided to wear it.
 I know I've mentioned before that I love a backless shoe...a mule, slide, flip flop...LOVE them.  I'm a collector.   :)

 Thrifted Items:
Jeans $7.50 Gloria Vanderbilt - new w/tags (Value Village)
Mustard Sweater $4.99 Merona (Goodwill)
Scarf $1.79 (Goodwill)
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Shoes $2.80 Jennifer Moore (Value Village)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Red and Gray + Fringe

This scarf was a hand me down from my daughter. There is also a cute knit hat that goes with it.  I should have put it on for a photo, but didn't think to do it.  I rarely wear hats because they mess up my hair.  ha
This is one of my favorite casual outfits.

 Thrifted Items
Gray Jeans $4.99 Gloria Vanderbilt (Goodwill)
Gray Sweater
Red Shoes $4 Karen Scott (Value Village)

Friday, December 20, 2013

3 Days, 2 Disappointments

The brown outfit I was happy with, but the bottom two outfits I was not.  I was surprised to realize I did not like the look and fit of the houndstooth jacket and was very disappointed because I had so looked forward to wearing it. :( 
I am going to try it, as I'd planned, with another top and a sparkly necklace, but I still don't like the big, boxy look of it.  Not sure if I can belt it, but I will see.  The shoulder pads need taken out, but I would have to rip open the inside fabric and I've never done that before.  Hopefully I can work on getting that altered in an acceptable way over the next few days because I was going to wear it to work on Monday.

Linebacker :D
I'm just not liking the fit of these pants still.  I slimmed down the legs, but I think I'm going to try making them skinnier at the bottom.  If that doesn't make me like them better I'll just scrap them.  The jacket is nice, but I prefer it with sleeves and shirt sleeves pushed up. (it was too cold to wear like that now though) 
 Thrifted Items:

Outfit 1
Brown Jeans $6.99 Gloria Vanderbilt (Value Village)
Brown Sweater
Loafers $2.50 Rockport (Goodwill)

Outfit 2
Pants $5 White House Black Market (Value Village)
Black Sweater $3.99 Sag Harbor (Goodwill)
Houndstooth Blazer $3.50 Malka Collections NY (Value Village
Black Booties

Outfit 3
Gray Pants $3.99 Worthington (Value Village)
Red Sweater $6.63 Prophecy by Sag Harbor (Value Village)
Gray Blazer $5.99 Banana Republic (Goodwill)
Scarf $1 (Value Village)
Red Mule Shoes $4 Alfani (Goodwill)