Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Outfit - Where on Earth is Spring?

It is about 40 degrees and rainy here today, so even though I had an outfit planned for linking up at Silverstyle's for Brights, it's going to have to wait till maybe tomorrow.  We're getting out to run errands and I need more warmth and coziness.  But I did add a touch of sunshine yellow and pink lips to brighten things up.

Thrifted Items:  Jeans $3 Caslon, yellow sweater, green blazer $4 Dumas, scarf $1.60, brown booties, purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne.
Linking up with Thursdays Are For Thrifters #38 at Brass in Pocket.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Outfit - Leopard on a Leash

Today, for a more casual work day, I wore a belted leopard blouse with my olive (military?) green jeans and black booties.  

Thrifted Items:  Jeans $2.50 Chic, black turtleneck, leopard blouse 99 cents Impressions of California, black booties $6.99 Franco Sarto, black/gold necklace, black belt $1 Kenneth Cole, bracelets, black leather purse $8 Fossil.

Antique gold/black multi medallion necklace $8.80 = Forever 21

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Outfit - Aqua With a Side of Pearls

Aqua is just one of those colors I'm drawn to and it makes me feel good.  I bought this sweater on Monday when I went for a short thrifting trip with my daughter.  

Thrifted Items:  Aqua sweater $4.50 Nomadic Traders, black boots $6.99, black leather purse $8 Fossil, earrings, bracelets (not silver one), necklace.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Outfit - Casually Striped

Absolutely nothing going on today - just a stay at home day.  I've had this jacket for about 8 years and have only worn it a couple of times.  I've got a blue one just like it that has also rarely been worn.  Do you have items like this in your closet?  I really need to get some wear out of them if possible.  So, even though this is not a very exciting outfit, it is practical for today and I'm trying to not go to my usual standby slouchy items.  I'm bringing in seldom worn slouchiness instead. ha 

Thrifted Items:  Navy slacks $1.50 Dockers, blue gray striped top.
Red Jacket = Walmart

Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Outfit - Watch Crush

I'm kind of wearing the same color scheme as Saturday, but with all new elements.  I needed comfy shoes to meet my daughter for lunch and walking around a bit so this is what I ended up putting together, then realized it was nearly identical in color to my last outfit.  I'll try to give these colors a rest for the next outfit post. :)

Hubby and I went to Target yesterday to stock up on our cashews (a staple in our household, haha) and I found a chunky gold watch I really loved for $16.99.  I have wanted one for a while, but didn't want to spend a bunch of money on I thought this was a reasonable price and I really liked it.  I was so excited to wear it today. :)
 I ended up switching from the earrings I photographed below to just plain gold hoops.
Today I'm linking up with Visible Monday.

Thrifted Items:  Pale yellow jeans $3 Gloria Vanderbilt, green/orange/yellow/brown button up, mustard top $3 Denim & Co., butterscotch mule shoes $2 Naturalizer, bracelets, brown leather purse $2.99 Chaos.

Gold watch $16.99 = Target

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Outfit

I just want to say hello and thank all my new visitors and followers for stopping by and also those of you that have been with me for a bit now.  I really appreciate all of your comments and read every one.  I don't always reply in the comments section because I'm not sure people really go back and read those once they have viewed and commented on that particular post.  I do try to leave comments on your blog if you have one though.  I love viewing all of your blogs very much... It's lots of fun and I get so much inspiration.
So I hope no one thinks it rude of me if they don't get a "reply".  I really don't know how some people have the time to reply to every single comment...especially some that get so many comments.  My hat's off to you for your dedication.  I guess I have very poor time management skills. haha
Again, I love each one of you for stopping by, leaving comments, and just being your delightful selves. :)  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thrifted Items:  Jeans (light wheat color?), sweater 99 cents Sag Harbor, dijon mustard blouse, mustard heels, faux fur purse $1.50, necklace $3.20, bracelets.

Earrings/Ring = Target?
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Outfit - The Emerald City

I wore this to work today and then to the ballet after.  I wore gold hoops to work since they are easier on my ears for being on telephone calls, but changed into the emerald green dangly earrings for the ballet. 

Thrifted Items:  Brown slacks, emerald green ruffled top $5.99 Sunny Leigh, brown cardigan, brown backless low heels.

Emerald earrings $4.80 = Forever 21

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday's Outfit

Thrifted Items:  Pink jeans $4.50 Gloria Vanderbilt, purple sweater $3 Haband, purple purse $2.99 Via Demizon, scarf, shoes $5.99 Mudd, necklace $1.50.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today's Outfit - Daytime Drama

I have 3 inspirations for this outfit today...I saw the first photo below on Atlantic-Pacific and realized I had almost identical pieces to this in my wardrobe already!  I'm linking up with Inspiration Monday at Two Birds who further inspired me with photo #2.  And a few days ago I had admired Melanie (from Bag and a Beret) as she dressed down her beautiful opera gown for daytime wear as seen in photo #3.
I had thrifted this red skirt, but had only worn it to the ballet once.  So I thought I'd throw on a reeeeeeally old pleather jacket (that I probably haven't worn in 15 years) with a more casual striped turtleneck and black booties and wear it to work.  We'll see if I get many odd looks from our patients. haha

Thrifted Items:  Red skirt $4.99 (handmade?), striped turtleneck $2 Great Northwest Clothing Co., black booties, bracelets, black leather handbag $8 Fossil.

Also linking up with Thursday's are for Thrifters at Brass in Pocket and
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today's Outfit - Watercolored Ruffles

Wow, I've applied a Dove light self tanner the past 2 days and already my face feels as dark as I'd like.  Maybe I'm just not used to seeing myself tan.  I didn't tan or apply any self tanner last year at all, but I felt my legs needed tanning desperately this year if I'm going to bare a little skin in the warmer weather...if it ever gets here.  I didn't apply any foundation today, so maybe if I put a little on (since it's a fairly light shade) that would probably lighten my face up some.
Do you all get tan naturally, have a little help, or just stay away from tanning altogether?  

Thrifted Items:  Army green jeans $2.50 Chic, black turtleneck, multicolored ruffled top $3.75 NY Collection, black booties $6.99 Franco Sarto.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Today's Outfit - Positively Pastel

Today I'm linking up with Tammy at Silverstyle's Trending Through the Decades: Pastels and also with Patti for Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.
I've had this scarf and purse for about 4 years and this is the first time I've worn them.  I never felt like I could find the right thing to wear them with, but the fashion/blogging world has opened my eyes to so many new wardrobe possibilities...and I never had yellow jeans until fairly recently.
Thank you to both Tammy and Patti, for hosting your link ups and giving us inpiration to challenge ourselves and create new ideas in our closets.

Thrifted Items:  Pale yellow jeans $3 Gloria Vanderbilt, pink cardigan, purse, shoes $4 Anne Klein iFlex.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Wearin' O The Green

Thrifted Items:  Khaki Jeans $6.99 Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans Co., yellow ribbed turtleneck $1.50, green cardigan, scarf, shoes $2 Bandolino, purse $6 Aldo.
Ring = Target
Bracelet $10.81 = Forever 21

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Today's Outfit

 Thrifted Items:  Dress $5, black cardigan, black boots $6.99, vintage handbag $2.39 Cortini Creations, necklace.