Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lilac Celebrations

This past weekend John and I met my daughter and her husband for lunch to celebrate birthdays.  All of us had a birthday within the week except for daughter. 
I wore my new lilac jeans and new lilac/yellow cardigan with a pashmina scarf John had bought me a few years ago.

 While we were waiting for a table I noticed the flowers matched my outfit and had to get a photo.  Shelley took this on her phone and it was a bit dark.  I did my best to lighten it up enough to see the pretty flowers.
Thrifted Items: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Lilac Jeans $6 Gap
Lilac Tee $1.50 Merona
Cardigan $3.80 Merona
Lilac (or lavender) Snakeskin Print Bracelet $2.10
Purse $5.60 Relic
Lilac Sandals $4.90 Nine West
~ ~ ~ 
Scarf = gifted

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lime With Navy

I paired my navy skinnies with a lime/white striped top and lime green blazer then added the navy bracelet and bubble necklace.

Thrifted Items: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Navy Skinny Pants $3.50 Lauren Conrad
Striped Top $3.50
Blazer $6.99 Sag Harbor
Bracelet $2.80
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Loafers $2.50 Eddie Bauer
~ ~ ~
Navy Mini Bubble Necklace $8.99 ebay

Monday, April 28, 2014

Graphic Tee + Scarf

 I love a graphic tee.  This one is very casual and has a floral pattern with bits of teal.  This was a cooler day and so I threw on the scarf and wore a cute pair of flats with bows made out of zippers.

Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
 Pants $4.35 AB Studios
Gray/Teal Graphic Tee $3 Sonoma
Scarf $2.99
Purse $8 Fossil
Flats $9.10 Style & Co. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Thrifted A Leopard For $2

I'm really loving my new leopard tee with sparkly bits!  Can you see his face? :)
It's short sleeves so it can be worn alone or layered and will be suitable for all year round.
These brown jeans are one of my favorites.  Love their fit and length.

Large gold hoops, gold chain necklace and golden bangles to accessorize.

Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Brown Jeans $6.99 Gloria Vanderbilt
Leopard Tee $2 M Collection
Brown Lightweight Cardigan $4 Reflex Jeans
Gold Chain Necklace $5.99
Purse $13 Nine West
Dark Brown Ankle Strap Heels $7.99 Casual Corner

Friday, April 25, 2014

Yellow Cardigan With Gray and Brown

A simple outfit with a few accessories can be juuuust right.

Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Gray Ankle Pants $5 Banana Republic
Gray V-Neck Tee $2.10 Gap
Yellow Cardigan $6.04 Land's End
Belt $2.10 Eddie Bauer
Purse $6.69 DSW Shoe Warehouse
Loafers $7.65 Sutton Plaza

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gray With Navy

This outfit is a combination of gray, navy, and silver.  Silver is worn for the earrings, bracelet, and also in the chains on the shoes and rings on the purse.  I am trying (and like) this scarf technique that I have seen quite often on one of my favorite fashion blogs... A Key to the Armoire.  I love Susana's style and she is always so beautifully put together.  I love finding new blogs that inspire and I hope you will check out hers and enjoy it as much as I do.

Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Gray Jeans $4.99 Gloria Vanderbilt
Gray Short Sleeved Sweater $4 Alfred Dunner
Navy Turtleneck $4.78 Bobbie Brooks
Dark Navy Necklace $3.20
Purse $7.31 Rockport
Gray Suede Flats $7.99 Bamboo
~ ~ ~
earrings = gifted from my mother many years ago

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stripes With Denim

 This has to be a favorite of stripes and blue denim.
I am cultivating a dream list of outfits I would choose if I were to minimize my wardrobe.  I would have to add this one to it for the fact that it suits all my comfort needs, it reminds me of summer, and I feel good wearing it.

 This is a first time wear for the denim button down.  You can't see it here, but it has studs on the shoulder area.  I'll probably wear it by itself with some white jeans sometime to show off the stud detail.

Thrifted Outfits: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Ankle Pants $4 Talbots
Striped Top $4.99 Jamaica Bay
Denim Button Down $3 Ana
Purse $7.31 Rockport
Red Loafers $6.99 Partners

Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Coral Cardigan

I am loving coral and minty colors at the moment.  This is a new cardigan and also a new top...both with coral colors.

For the last couple of years I've tried to photograph and notate brand/price/date and place of purchase for clothing items I thrift...but I guess I totally forgot to do that for this sweater and I can't remember now what I paid for it, but I'm sure it was probably around $3....possibly less.
And speaking of mint, I also bought a really cute mint blouse with polka dots that I'm in love with.  I've never been one to ever really like to wear thin blouses, but I'm suddenly enamored with them.  I also have two gray/blackish/white ones in a snakeskin and animal print that I have yet to wear, but am looking forward to it.

Linking up with Patti for Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

Thrifted Items:
White Pants $3 Daisy Fuentes
Floral Top $3 j-jill
Coral Cardigan (forgot to notate price?) Charlotte Russe
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Sandals $5.60 Etienne Aigner
~ ~ ~
Bubble Necklace ? ebay
Gold Bangle Set $5.48 Walmart

Friday, April 18, 2014

Florals, Stripes, and Sandals

 Today is a mix of yellow stripes, blue stripes (at the jacket cuffs), floral pants and 2 hooded white and one cobalt blue.  Finishing it off is a yellow flowered sandal and same shade yellow purse.

Thrifted Items: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Floral Pants $3    346 Brooks Brothers
Yellow Striped Top $3 Anne Klein Sport
White Hooded Jacket
Bright Blue Hooded Jacket $3.99 Jones New York
Purse $5.60 Relic
Sandals $3.99 Covington

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gray Sleeveless Cardigan Needs Warm Layer

This sleeveless gray cardigan definitely needed the long sleeved top with it on this cool day.  I just had to pair it with the white jeans and peep toe lace up booties though.

Thrifted Items: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
White Jeans $8.50 Gloria Vanderbilt
Gray Ruched Necked Top $4.80 Lea Nicole
Sleeveless Gray Cardigan $3.50 New York Company
Dark Pewter Leaf Necklace $4
Purse $8 Fossil
Lace Up Booties $5.99 Rampage

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Navy and White Striped Cardigan

A first time wear for this nautical cardigan.  I really like the fact that it's not too heavy.  I'll try wearing it unbuttoned at some point too....and probably with blue jeans.

Thrifted Items: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
White Pants $3 Daisy Fuentes
White Tank Top $1.99 Sean Jean
Striped Cardigan $9.10 Dress Barn
White Purse $7.79 (new w/ tags) Liz Claiborne
Gold Necklace $5.99
Navy Sandals $5.60 Donna Lawrence

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mediterranean Blue

Hi!  I hope you're enjoying the weekend.  John and I are going to have brunch at a local diner, stop in the thrift store to see if we can find him a few shirts, and then go for a little drive and soak up the sunshine with high 60 temps today.

Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Ankle Pants $4 Talbots
Scarf $2
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Shoes $12.65 Joan & David

Saturday, April 12, 2014

New Jeans and Cardigan

I really like how these Style & Co. jeans fit.  I will keep my eye out for this brand when thrifting.  This is one of a few new cardigans I've bought, but had not yet worn.  I'll be wearing the other, more spring-summer colored, ones in the upcoming weeks.

Thrifted Items: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Beige Jeans $3.99 Style & Co.
Animal Print Cardigan $3.50 Ann Taylor
Beige Tank Top
Olive Purse $3
Black Sandals
~ ~ ~
Necklace $2.82 ebay
Bracelet $10.80 Forever 21