Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Fall Scarf In Olive And Cinnamon Print

 I thought this was a perfect scarf for the fall season and it matched my earrings and jacket so well.
I'm wearing just a basic dark gray tee with tan pants.  Wearing a simple base and then adding interest with the scarf, earrings, bracelet, and jacket is my favorite way of dressing.

Shortly after I thrifted these loafers in 2012 the side seam busted open.  These shoes were so soft and I loved them so much I decided to have them repaired.  It only cost me $6 and so for a total cost of about $11 for the price of the shoes and the repair I feel it was well worth it because I wear them often. 
gray tee $2.09
scarf $2.79
pants $? Gap
purse $7.99
jacket $3?
earrings $?
loafers $4.99 Honors

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Casual Navy Stripes With Chambray Fringed Scarf

white 3/4 length sleeved tee $5.25 Jones New York
jeans $4.19 Mossimo High Rise Denim Legging
scarf $2.91
navy/gold nautical anchor earrings $2.39
purse $7.31 Rockport
striped canvas slip on sneakers $4.99

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is It A Sweatshirt Or A Tee?

This top has the look of a sweatshirt... however, it is much thinner than your typical sweatshirt and it's very it could be a tee...designed to look like a sweatshirt. ??
I have been so drawn to neutrals this year that I have gone a bit overboard in my purchases of gray and black tees and sweaters.  
Over thrifting is my one weakness. ;) 
Has anyone watched the series I'm referencing in my statement above?  I just finished the 4th and last season of it (on dvd) last night and was sooooooo sad for it to end. 
gray super thin sweatshirt $? Forever 21
scarf $2.91
light gray jeans $5.60 Metro Blues
black ballet flats $6.99 Limited
gunmetal hoop earrings $6 Charming Charlie