Thursday, September 3, 2015

Paper Umbrella Print Topper

Oooooh, I love my new semi-sheer topper with paper umbrella print!  This is a find that gives me that "thrifter's thrill!". haha  I only paid $2.39 for it!  Can you tell I'm excited? :)
 I'm wearing it with, another favorite, my dark brown Chico's jeans and a new pair of dark brown/cream sandals w/buckle.

My accessories (earrings, necklace and bangle) are all of a gold hammered metal style.
topper $2.39 Harari
sleeveless top $1.29 Dress Barn
dark brown jeans $7.99 Chico's
bangle $1.52
purse $4.90 Monet
sandals $6.40 Liz Claiborne
~ ~ ~ ~
3 tiered necklace $10.80 via Forever 21
cream/gold/rhinestone ring ?
earrings = 30 years old (yep, seriously)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

OOTD: The Second Button Down Scarf Combo

 I mentioned in my last post here about putting together outfits that combined one of my many button down tops and scarves.  Here is another example of a new/casual, outfit created from shopping my closet and finding pieces that compliment one another.

gray jeans $3.99 Forever 21
blue gray checked button down top $2.99 Merona
navy blue tee $1.50 Old Navy
scarf ?
blue gray bangle $2.38
silver hoop earrings $2.80
gray w/gemstone flip flips $6.65 Merona
purse $7.38 Liz Claiborne

Wearing a Button Down Top With A Scarf

One day I had the idea to pair my button down tops with different scarves and began rummaging through my closet coming up with all kinds of combinations. 
This is one outfit I put together.  I have several more planned.  This really expanded my outfit possibilities! 

white pants $7.99 Liz Claiborne
white tank top w/lace $4 Croft & Barrow
striped button down top $2.50 Old Navy
scarf $5.99
purse $6.40 Sag Harbor
sandals ?
~ ~ ~
coral bracelet $1 via downtown boutique

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Accessorizing With Sea Green

maxi skirt $4.25 Max Studio
navy tee $1.50 Old Navy
sea green 3 pc bangle set $1.40
earrings .89 cents
navy flip flops $2.99 Old Navy
~ ~ ~
necklace $5.99? via ebay