Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Red And Green Floral Blouse for December

I decided to pick up the neutral color in the blouse for my cardigan/vest, purse and shoes.
 A random casual outfit below.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Two Budget Friendly Holiday Outfits

Holiday outfit 1 is a velvet look dress trimmed in a leopard print at collar, cuffs, and even buttons.

Holiday outfit 2 is simply a basic black jeans and black (mock turtleneck) tank, but is dressed up with a faux fur collared jacket worn as a topper, a sparkly necklace and earrings, and red lipstick.
These are actually ankle boots with small stiletto heel although they blend so well with the black jeans (tucked into bootie) that it's not clear here.
 Outfit 1:
leopard trimmed dress $3.49 Ronnie Nicole
black patent low heeled mules $5.59 Splash

Outfit 2:
fur collared duster $2.99 A-List by Wrapper
black jeans $3.83 Celebrity Blues
black tank top $1.40 Alfani
black suede booties $9.09 Franco Sarto
neckace (outfit 2) $6.99 via ebay

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Turn A Dress Into A Skirt

dress $3.59 Merona
gray sweater $9.57 Van Heusen
purse $3 Kelly & Katie
necklace $2.58
bangle set $1.50

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wearing Red For The Christmas Season

This turned out to be one of my favorite outfits.  It's casual vibe... with jeans, light sweater, and long sleeved tee worn with bright red, low heeled mules and a scarf... suited my style perfectly.
I will be thinking of other ways to to create outfits using similar pieces.  I'm thinking maybe a navy long sleeved tee under this same top with these same gray jeans...or maybe navy jeans or regular denim.  If I use a navy tee I could switch out the scarf for a navy or gray one.

I just calculated...if I use just these pieces (I already own)...
gray jeans (shown here)
denim jeans
navy jeans
gray sweater (shown here)
white long sleeved tee (shown here)
navy long sleeved tee
gray scarf
navy scarf
red scarf (shown here)
...I could create at least 10 more outfits!
And I'm sure using this same style idea and my existing wardrobe I could come up with many more.
Shopping my closet is so much fun! :)
Are you like me...and get a bit of a thrill out of creating new outfits from your closet that you actually really like once you put it on and feel like it fits your style?
gray jeans $5.60 Metro Blues
gray light sweater/sweatshirt $3.75 Mossimo
white long sleeved tee $3.49 Merona
purse $6 St. John's Bay
shoes $4 Karen Scott
scarf (belonged to daughter and she was going to donate - has matching knit hat) 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Wearing Gray With Brown

 Do you like this color combination?

gray jeans $3.99 Forever 21
scarf $2.09
earrings $1.99
bangle set $1.50
purse $3 Kelly & Katie
boots $10.50 Scruples
sweater = probably 12+ yrs old

Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Colorful Jacket With Dark Denim

I love this jacket, but probably only wear it a couple of times a year.  That's what happens when you thrift and have toooo many clothes.
My shopping goal for 2015 was to spend about half as much as I did in 2014.  I did not quite hit that mark.  I went a little over that, but I was fairly close so I'm satisfied with my effort.  In 2016 I'm going to aim for even more improvement.  I'll set my budget for half of what I spent in 2015.  It's going to be tough because I've had some weight loss and want to shop now more than ever. haha  But I must remember that I ultimately want to have fewer clothes and wear what I already have more often.  
Finally, a photo that shows my jeans are really a dark blue denim.  Well, sort of a dressy denim material.
pants $7 Banana Republic
top $3.50 Charter Club
jacket $9.99 Draper's & Damon
scarf $1.29
dark brown purse $6.99 Style & Co.
dark brown ankle strap heels $7.99 Casual Corner

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Safari Style

brown jeans $6.99 Gloria Vanderbilt
tank top $2.99 Isaac Mizrahi for Target
jacket $5.60 Clio
leopard belt $1.43
animal print bracelet $3 (new w/tags $30) Macy's
earrings $2.09
purse $6.99 Style & Co.
booties $6.99 Mossimo Supply Co.
necklace (a set w/ earrings, not worn here) $12.99 via ebay 

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Garment Rack and My Space For Dressing

When we recently moved to our new place I was pleased that we had as much closet space as we do for a small apartment.  However, even with a walk in closet and another full sized closet, it wasn't quite enough for my collection of clothing so I purchased this double tiered garment rack.  I really love it.  I currently have a lot of my pants/jeans on the bottom rack.  On the top I have some of my tops, and also many of my scarves.  The scarves I've looped through clear plastic shower curtain rings and linked the rings together.  So I have 3 rings hanging from the end of the pole and then each of those 3 rings has multiple rings and scarves attached to it.
What I like most about this garment rack is putting together outfits and hanging them here so they are visible.  On the end, behind where I'm standing, I have several outfits planned and ready to go.
Oh, and I also have a hanging jewelry holder with numerous little pockets that hold many of my earrings and a few bracelets. 
This room is just used as my dressing room and computer room so I don't mind that the rack full of clothes is just sitting out.  It's nothing fancy and my space is not elegant, but it is functional and works for me. 
On the back of the door, where I'm standing above, I have one of those over the door shoe holders with pockets.  I don't use mine for shoes.  I roll up my heavier scarves and stick them inside the pockets.  I also have an over the door hook holding 3 of my purses.  My shoes for the current season are displayed on two tall bookshelves.  Out of season shoes are stored in large boxes and also individual shoe boxes in the closet.
Behind this door, on the wall, is my full length mirror. 
I have almost totally switched over to the type of hanger you see in the top photo.  I used to have the plastic tubular style ones, but these take up less space.  I get them at the dollar store 2 for $1.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Super Duper Skinny Jeans

 These are absolutely the skinniest of skinny jeans that I own.  They literally fit like a glove.  Maybe they're actually jeggings??  Is that was jeans that fit like leggings are called?
Anyway...I bought these in May of 2014!  I had dreams of fitting into them at that time, but was a far cry from doing so...until now.  They may feel a little inappropriate, but by golly I squeezed into them and was determined to wear them.  I tried to use good sense and wear a nice low pair of heels, a pretty scarf, and sensible cardigan to counteract the "hooker vibe" of the pants. haha

skinny jeans $7 Rewash
dressy tank top $1.29 Dress Barn
cardigan $7 Chico's
bangle $1.89
earrings $2.62
scarf  ?
purse $8 Nine West 
shoes $5 Nine West

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Oversized Gray Sweater

sweater $7.24 Tommy Hilfiger
almost black dressy denim trousers $9.09 NYDJ
purse $6 St. John's Bay
red mules $4 Karen Scott
necklace/earring set $6.99 via ebay

Monday, December 7, 2015

A Dark Navy Stripe With Cognac

dark blue denim pants $7 Banana Republic
striped top $2.50 Old Navy
cardigan $3 JM Collection
necklace $5.35
bangle set $1.50
purse $7.99
loafers $7.65 Sutton Plaza