Sunday, August 28, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

Melon + Gray

gray jeans $5.60 Metro Blues
top $3.50 Charter Club
necklace $5.99
silver hoop earrings $2.80
purse $4.89
sandals $1.99 Apostrophe

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Black Stripes

Another combination of black jeans with striped top.

black jeans $7.67 Celebrity Pink
top = old (not thrifted)
belt $2.25
necklace $.49 cents
purse $6.99 Style & Co.
sandals $?

Monday, August 22, 2016

Navy Tee With Scarf

This outfit makes it's way into my favorites category.  It once again uses the simple formula of a basic tee with scarf to create the casual/classic/minimal look that I'm loving.
I have started a Pinterest board (Casual - Classic - Minimal) of outfits and I hope to continue refining my own wardrobe to similar styles.

navy tee $1.50 Old Navy
pants $? Gap
scarf $?
earrings $2.09
gold bangle bracelet $.79 cents
belt $2.25
purse $6.99 Style & Co.
shoes $3.24

Saturday, August 20, 2016

OOTD: My Ideal Style Direction

 Everything about this outfit perfectly illustrates my ideal style direction and types of pieces I would like my wardrobe to become composed of.
First of all, the neutral colors are classic.  The striped tee and black jeans are classic...yet casual.  The scarf adds a touch of sophistication to the casual ensemble.  The cognac brown color with black is a favorite.  The shoes are really comfortable and a very low wedge heel.  (I'm slowly getting rid of anything but the lowest heels because they just don't feel like "me" any more.)
And lastly, I felt this outfit was flattering to my figure.  Not all of my clothing is an attractive fit or look for me.
Overall, this outfit just makes me happy when I wear it.
That's where the difficulty comes in.
Distinguishing between "liking" certain pieces and "realizing" that they are not the best choice for me or that I'm not super happy with how something looks on me....and then coming to the point of being able to let them go in order to achieve my personal style goals.
For me, it's easier said than done.

It's an ongoing process and a slow one because sometimes I feel like maybe I should give a piece another try by reworking it into a another combination of garments or adding a different accessory to see if I obtain a better result.  Little by little, as the mood strikes me, I'll reach into my closet and grab something and think "Today is the day for this to go" and plop it into the donation bag.  I never really regret my decision.  I am actually happier with other clothes I have.  So why oh why is this process so difficult for me?

I wish I could just take a day and do a full on clean out...removing everything from my closets and drawers and only choosing a select amount of items that I absolutely love and feel good in (like the outfit today) to put back into my closet.  That would get rid of all the excess that doesn't achieve the style or happiness level I'm looking for and I know I'd feel soooo much better.
The problem is that I have culled quite a bit, but still have LOTS left...and I like everything I have.  It is difficult to let go of my "likes" and settle only for the "loves" group.  Sometimes I'm not even sure of the distinction so I have to ponder it for quite some time.

I think I'm just wanting someone to wave a magic wand and do it for me so that I don't have to go through the painful process and decision making. haha 

These shoes are one of my favorite summer thrift purchases.  I've worn them so many times already.  They are my new go to shoe.

p.s.  I love this top so much...and guess what?!  I have just found another one exactly like it, but with long sleeves for only $3.99.  Yay!!  I hadn't noticed, till I got the one in photos home, but someone had actually cut off the sleeves to change this top from long sleeves to short sleeves.  I love the length of the sleeve and you can't even really tell they've just been cut off with a scissors.  I could even roll them up if I wanted a shorter look.
So now I have a short sleeved and long sleeved version of my new favorite tee! :)
black skinny jeans $7.67 Celebrity Pink
striped tee $? Merona
scarf .69 cents
black gold hoop earrings .69 cents
belt $2.49 Ralph Lauren
purse $3 Kelly & Katie
sandals $? Aerosoles

At times I have failed to record prices of things I've thrifted so I'm occasionally blank on the cost of some items....but you know it was probably a super sweet deal.  ;)  

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Going Neutral

pants $6.99 Halogen
sleeveless top w/ruched print waistband $? Perceptions New York
cardigan $?
black/gold hoop earrings $.69 cents
gold necklace $4.99
purse $4.19
sandals $? White Mountain

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Blue Fringed Scarf

top $1.99 Field Manor
scarf $3.88
sandals $2.99 Charlie Paige
purse $2.79
skirt = old
necklace $3.59 via Fred Meyer 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Too Many Sleeveless Tops

This thrifted Forever 21 sleeveless top ($2.09) is hip length in the front and then knee length in the back.  It's a semi sheer fabric so I wore a black dressy tank top under it.  The top has a little draped opening in the upper back area.
 I wore my long black and gold scarf to match the back length.
I really bought way too many sleeveless tops this year.  Our weather is rarely even warm enough to wear them.  Some of them can be layered underneath cardigans, but these longer styled ones will not get much of a chance to make an appearance.  
I'm learning that just because something is cute or pretty and a ridiculously good price...that doesn't mean it has to come home with me.  Well, let's be honest...  I really I haven't learned to resist making the purchase.  I am just having to stay out of the thrift store to avoid that happening. :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

An Aqua Basic

The long sleeved tee has become part of my "basics"...a wardrobe staple.  I am really enjoying the simplicity and versatility of them.  I love just adding a scarf or necklace to such a non fussy item and creating a perfect outfit to suit my style.
Edit:  Second thoughts... Even though I like the style of a long sleeved tee....I'm just no longer feeling this color...or so much of it.  I have put the shoes into my donation bag to take and drop off today.  The top and scarf are going into my "probably donate" pile.  I'll think about it a few days and then I will most likely donate those two items as well.
After seeing these photos I realized I do not really "love" this outfit.  I tried to rework the top with other more neutral cardigans etc., but still couldn't find a look I was happy with.  These days I seem to be finding myself much more pleased with neutral basics such as black, gray, cream, tan, and white...with maybe a bit of melon or blue (a little pink) here and there.