Friday, July 31, 2015

OOTD: Green Sandals

yellow jeans $6.04 Gloria Vanderbilt
yellow tee $1 Eddie Bauer
green pinstriped button down top $4.90 Old Navy
scarf ?
sandals $6.99 Apostrophe

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

OOTD: Gray With Red

I love this stars and stripes tank.  I don't normally wear it on it's own without some sort of topper.  This gray button down worked great for a cover up layer.

stars and stripes tank top $1.99 Avenue
gray button down blouse $5.99
white cropped pants $7.99 Liz Claiborne
red sandals $? Aerosoles
navy purse $7.38 Liz Claiborne
~ ~ ~
necklace (w/matching earrings set) $6.99 via ebay

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Suitably Simple

This is a simple jeans/tank/cardigan outfit, but it suits my style, is comfortable, and I enjoy wearing it.

jeans $3 Gloria Vanderbilt
striped tank top $4.99 Merona
navy cardigan $11.14 (new w/tags $40) Croft & Barrow
purse $7.39 Liz Claiborne
wedged sandals $4.90 Nine & Company
~ ~ ~
necklace $6.99 (set w/earrings) via ebay

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Eight Year Anniversary

Hi, there.  I've been absent from the blog for a week because of work duties and then latter part of last week and weekend we took off for a little anniversary getaway.
Here are a few photos from our trip.
 I'll be back soon with outfit photos.
Our first stay was in La Conner, WA.
We like to walk (or drive) the neighborhoods and take pictures of houses we like.  We got several more photos of homes, but I won't bring them all in.  I did, however, want to show you the one above.  It had a pretty pink pig standing on it's doorstep. :)  (click on photos to enlarge)
This boutique caught my eye and I loved the pretty color palette.  I took photos so that I could have these in mind for inspiration when I go thrifting....which I did as soon as we got back home. haha  I thrifted a top, scarf and bracelet in similar colors.
I didn't realize how much glare was on the windows until I got home and uploaded the photos.
 This was our next stay at a The Anchorage Inn bed and breakfast in Coupeville, WA.

The inn was just a block or two from the waterfront, shops and restaurants.

Our room was so pretty and had a wonderful water view...even lying in bed.

We had such a nice time and had absolutely delicious meals.  I don't know how I didn't gain any weight, but I didn't.  Now back to our South Beach Diet.  It's going really well, even though it's really slow going for me.  I'm so glad we're doing it together and I know we are eating much healthier.

Monday, July 13, 2015

New Floral Blouse

black pants $4.89 J.Crew
blouse $2.79 K.C. Studio
sandals ?
~ ~ ~
necklace $6.99 via ebay
bracelet $1.92 via ebay
purse $14.99 Koltov Collection via Ross

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chambray Button Down Wardrobe Essential

 I love this thrifted chambray button down blouse from Banana Republic.  It can be worn on it's own, as a topper, and with the shirt tail tied up (as you'll see in my next post).
These slip on denim fabric sandals are so comfy and I like the pattern.
Everything I'm wearing I've had for a while, except the jeans are new.  I've gained 15 lbs and had to have new pants.  Hubby and I have started the South Beach Diet as of yesterday, so I'm working toward losing what I've put on over the last several months.  I'll feel much better if I can get back down into my smaller sized clothes. 
jeans $14.99 Ralph Lauren (I found online that they sold for around $100 retail!)
chambray button down top $7 Banana Republic
tank top ?
necklace .25 cents
shoes $5.99 Montego Bay Club