Friday, July 27, 2012

Lavender Blue

I could wear white pants of some sort nearly every day I think.  Everything goes with them and I like the look.  I've got many outfits already planned out around either white jeans, slacks, or capri/cropped pants, so my apologies if the white gets too repetitive.  I'm going to try to squeeze in as many outfits as I can with them within the next couple of warmish months.

Thrifted Items:  White jeans $4.50 Amanda by Gloria Vanderbilt, lavender snakeskin bracelet $2.10, necklace $1.50, purse $7.79 Liz Claiborne, sandals $4.90 Nine West.


  1. We really have to wear our white pants deliberately around here don't we? We sure don't get the chance often enough. Even if it's warm but the sun isn't out they don't seem right but I make myself wear them anyway. You look great in this tunic top!

  2. That is a beautiful blouse. When will your temps drop? We are still in the middle of record highs with no rain. ugh...

  3. I like the top and the colors in it. I'm pretty hard on white britches myself and only wear them rarely.


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