Thursday, January 31, 2013

Burning Sunset

I've had this skirt since August 2011.  I like the muted, rich colors, the stripes and the length.  I have tried wearing shorter skirts (at the knee length), but really feel much more comfortable in longer ones.  I'm wearing my olive green blazer with a burnt orange sweater underneath.  The colors in these pieces coordinate with the stripes in the skirt.  I opted to wear  butterscotch colored heels and  I'm carrying an olive, crocodile textured handbag.  
I never get to wear this fun and fluffy scarf, so I thought I'd throw it on as an added layer for warmth with my coat (not shown) just to wear outdoors in my short commute to work.
Hope you all have a great day! :)
orange red striped skirt

 Thrifted Items:
Skirt $6.99 Bianca Nygard
Sweater $3.99 AGB
Blazer $7.99 Kasper Classics
Green Bracelet 50 cents
 Necklace $5.99
Purse $3
Heels $6.99 Nine West
~ ~ ~
Antique Gold w/Orange Jewels Bracelet $8.80 = Forever 21

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thinning Out My Closet

I'm very pleased that over the last couple of days I've been able to gather together 3 bags of clothing I decided to eliminate from my wardrobe and re-donate.  I did buy a pretty yellow and aqua button down top at Goodwill for $1.29, but afterward came home and put together that 3rd bag of donation stuff, so that felt pretty good.
animal print thrifted
Even though I generally prefer to wear lighter colored outfits I do like what I'm wearing here.  It's not my favorite, but its going to be a "keeper".  I've recently created folders on my computer labeled "Favorites", "So So, But Keepers", and "Discard?".  Then I went back through my past outfits and put (copy/paste) some of them into each of these categories.  The ones that landed in the "Favorites" folder I'll eventually go back to and wear more often (I still have a lot of unworn items I need to get to first though-that's another thing I'm working on), the "So So" folder will be worn less often, and the "Discard" folder will encourage me to donate those pieces...either right away (which I've done with some) or leave them there as pending to keep under consideration for letting go.  Maybe not everyone needs this process, but it has helped me get started with my closet purging efforts.  I really need to work on shoes next! ha 
thrifted animal print top

rugged brown boots
*Update:  I've now filled 4 bags for donation and have included 2 pair of shoes.  Even though it hasn't made a huge dent in my stuffed still feels good...and I am finding a tad bit more wiggle room for my hanging items and extra space on my shelves and in drawers.
Thrifted Items:
Black Jeans $9.99 Liz Claiborne
Animal Print Blouse 99 cents Impressions of California
Purse $13 Nine West
Ankle Boots  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Hint of Retro

faux fur thrifted style

retro faux fur collar
ballerina flats with bow
 Thrifted Items:
Sweater $4.99 Merona
Faux Fur Collar $6.50 (came attached to a different sweater)
Purse $2.39 Cortini Creations
Flats $4.99 Naturalizer 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pink With Pearls

I feel so silly....   There was a day when I would absolutely not wear 2 tops together.  The only reasons I can think of are 1) I imagined it would feel too confining  and 2) I just never looked at or thought about fashion enough to realize this might be a more put together look and one that's more interestingNot until the ripe old age of about 50 did I discover the joy of wearing a button down shirt underneath a pullover sweater.  That just sounds so funny to me now.  I'm even wearing t-shirts underneath...that peek out at the bottom!   Becoming a fashion blog viewer has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of life!  Blogging myself has led to  style experiences I never knew before and that I've come to love.   It also sounds funny that I can find enjoyment in wearing these combinations.  But there you have it.  Simple and newly discovered pleasures.  Isn't it great?! :)
pink gingham and pearls
I love the bright pink with pearls.  It makes me feel very girly.  And the white keeps it crisp and fresh.
This is one of my favorite looks for myself.  I feel  fairly well styled while still being comfortable.  
One of my fashion goals this year is to work towards wearing more outfits that make me feel the way this pink and white one do... and eliminating some pieces that don't... even if it means repeating my favorites more often than I currently do.  I have way too many clothes, many of which are things that do not work well for me or that I don't feel good in.  It is difficult for me to let go of things though, so this will be baby steps and learning what I really need to part with.  Sometimes it takes me a while to come to that final realization and say my goodbyes....but I have let go of a few things already so and I'll continue working at it throughout the upcoming year.
pink gingham with pearls

neutral flats white pants

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Thrifted Items:
White Pants $6.99 Dockers
Pink/White Checked Button Down $4.20 Foxcroft
Pink Sweater - Ralph Lauren Sport
Pearl Choker $2
Purse $2.50 Liz Claiborne Crazy Horse 
Shoes $4 Enzo Angiolini

Friday, January 25, 2013

It's In My Closet: Re-Creating The Look

I'm re-creating the above outfit from Dreaming in CashmereSince I picked up this army green jacket a couple of months or so ago for only $2 and had it hanging in my closet I thought I'd give it a try.

army jacket thrifted style

stripes plaid pearls
red plaid and pearls

red flats with jeans
Thrifted Items:
Jeans $2 Sonoma Lifestyle
Red Striped Top $3.99 Liz Claiborne
Men's Red Plaid Button Down $2.99 Land's End
Military Green Hooded Jacket $2 Democracy
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Red Leather Flats $6.99 Partners
~ ~ ~
Long Gold/Pearl Necklace $4.99 = Forever 21

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pink, Wine, and Zippers

I adore these shoes.  Was so excited to spot them a month or two ago when thrifting.  Have I worn them before?  I can't remember.  This may be my very first wear!  They are sooooo slippers.
snakeskin flats
 I have 2 cardigans that are similar in color, but not the same.  This was a first time wear for this "wine" (or is it plum?) colored cardigan.  I also have one that is more burgundy in color.
This is also a first time wear for the pink striped button down top.

 Thrifted Items:
Jeans $4.50 Gloria Vanderbilt
Pink Pinstriped Button Down $2.50 Old Navy
 Cardigan $3.50 Worthington
White Tank Top
Purse $6 St. John's Bay
Snakeskin(faux)Zipper Bow Flats $9.10 Style & Co. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Thrifted Items:
Winter White Slacks $6.99 Dockers
Navy Blazer - Haberdashery 
Navy Tank Top $1.50 Uniform-John Paul Richard
Mustard Sweater $4.99 Merona
Necklace & Earrings
Flats $4 Ralph Lauren 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Feminine Touches

floral silk blouse pearls

floral blouse with pearls
bronze flats tan jeans
Today's Link Up:  Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style

Thrifted Items:
Jeans $3 Lee
Floral Silk Blouse $4.99 Diane Rich California
Evergreen Blazer $4 Dumas
Jumbo Pearl Necklace $1
Flats $4 Enzo Angiolini
~ ~ ~
Earrings $3.98 = Target
Watch $16.99 = Target
Pearl Bracelets (set of 3) $4.80 = Forever 21 
Gold Bangle Set $5.48 = Walmart   

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Short Denim

 Thrifted Items:
Pants - Sitwell
Button Down $2 Dockers
Denim Top - Crazy Horse, a Liz Claiborne Company
Necklace $5.99
Purse $2.50 Nine West
Ankle Boots   

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Buttoned Up, Buttoned Down

 Thrifted Items:
Jeans $4.99 Gloria Vanderbilt
Plaid Button Down $2.25 Route 66
Burgundy Cardigan $6.25 Land's End
Purse $2.50 Nine West 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gray Accented With Teal


Thrifted Items:
Scarf $1.99
Purse $2.99 Liz Claiborne
Booties $6.99 Franco Sarto

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Casual Day

 Thrifted Items:
Jeans $3 Lee
Short Sleeved Top w/ Pearl Buttons $1.50 Village Fair
Rust Cardigan $2.80 Cranbrook
Purse  $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Loafers $4 Naturalizer