Friday, July 20, 2012

In A Slump

Well, the last couple of days have not worked out the way I'd planned fashion wise.  Yesterday I started with this top, necklaces and hat.  I won't even show you the bottom half.  I've thought about wearing this top a few times over the last three years or so that I've owned it, but it just never works and so I end up not wearing it.  I was drawn to the colors of it, but it has a waistband that hits at a very awkward and unflattering spot and the fabric is sewn just slightly askew.  So I made my final decision to put this in the donate pile....along with the pants I was wearing as well.

Today was no better.  I thought I'd had an acceptable outfit planned, but when I put it on, it didn't work.
Ever have one of those days when nothing seems to work?  Yeah, that was today.  Out of alllllll the clothes I own I couldn't find anything that worked, that I didn't want to save for a different color nail polish (so much stress this is causing me, ha), and so I ended up with a very unexciting outfit....and a very messy room.  I will have to look at the bright side of this situation though.  It was pouring down rain and this was comfortable.  It was also the first time to wear this brown/cream top and I'd had it for about 6 years.  Nothing wrong with the top really, I just didn't wear it.  Maybe it's because the sleeves are cut shorter than I'm comfortable with.  So I threw on a denim shirt to wear over since it was kind of cool anyway.
I will try to do better this weekend.

Thrifted Items:  (Top Photo) Hat, turquoise/brown top necklaces.  (Bottom Photos) Navy slacks $1.50 Dockers, denim top, bracelets.


  1. Lisa--I'm sure we've all had those moments of standing in our closet and thinking we had nothing to wear. I know by the end of a typical work week, my dressing area is always a shambles.

  2. That hat is adorable on you so DON'T get rid of that one please!!
    You hang on to your things much longer than me but I often get rid of things too hastily and have had to go searching for something like what I got rid of before. That's dumb. haha

  3. That happens to me on a regular basis! Having such mixed weather never helps:( I hope you enjoy your weekend!

  4. Lisa, you look great as always. But those honest pics are a bonus of style blogging. I've been shocked by things I thought looked great in the mirror not really looking very good in photos. Documenting daily outfits has really helped me refine my style and better assess what suits me - and what doesn't :o

  5. *sigh* Life has ups and downs. During the droughts, just hang in there and focus on something else. Cook a nice meal, kiss a loved one... Your fashion-power will return.

  6. I love you in the hat, Lisa! But I trust you on not loving the rest of the outfit. I get those days too. Sometimes when I plan what I'm going to wear in advance, it comes out looking wrong, and sometimes when I throw on things at the last minute it can look great or just WRONG again. What you have on may not make your own heart sing, especially knowing what you went through to get here, but you look great to others.

  7. A cute hat is the PERFECT antidote to a slump. I love that one on you. I actually really like the denim jacket outfit, too. But we all have those days when we're just not feeling it. It will pass.

  8. Hats definitely look good on you! You still look good during your "slump".


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