Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gray Sleeveless Cardigan Needs Warm Layer

This sleeveless gray cardigan definitely needed the long sleeved top with it on this cool day.  I just had to pair it with the white jeans and peep toe lace up booties though.

Thrifted Items: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
White Jeans $8.50 Gloria Vanderbilt
Gray Ruched Necked Top $4.80 Lea Nicole
Sleeveless Gray Cardigan $3.50 New York Company
Dark Pewter Leaf Necklace $4
Purse $8 Fossil
Lace Up Booties $5.99 Rampage


  1. Perfect! I love white and gray .. it's still chilly so perfect for the transition from winter to spring.


  2. Świetne buty Lisa, ładny zestaw. Dla Ciebie i Twoich bliskich - radosnych świąt! Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

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  4. A lovely look, the jacket is beautiful and looks great with the sweater, and white jeans. I love shoes and also your hairstyle.

  5. Black and white is always fabulous, but you've definitely taken this up a notch with those incredible booties!!!


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