Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stripes With Denim

 This has to be a favorite of mine...red stripes and blue denim.
I am cultivating a dream list of outfits I would choose if I were to minimize my wardrobe.  I would have to add this one to it for the fact that it suits all my comfort needs, it reminds me of summer, and I feel good wearing it.

 This is a first time wear for the denim button down.  You can't see it here, but it has studs on the shoulder area.  I'll probably wear it by itself with some white jeans sometime to show off the stud detail.

Thrifted Outfits: (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Ankle Pants $4 Talbots
Striped Top $4.99 Jamaica Bay
Denim Button Down $3 Ana
Purse $7.31 Rockport
Red Loafers $6.99 Partners


  1. A favourite of mine too! I just love this colour combo so much! I look forward to seeing your shirt styled so we can see the shoulders.

  2. A great color combo.. I laughed at your thoughts on a more minimal wardrobe... It is something I think thrifters think about, but with the prices, can't ever really seem to get there.. unless you of course just don't go thrifting anymore.,,

  3. Śliczna torebka i buty:))bardzo udany zestaw:)Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  4. I like the layering! I have a chambray button down too and never would've thought to layer a tee over it. It looks summery but cool evening appropriate.

  5. Piękna bluza. Lubię takie połączenia. Buziaki!


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