Saturday, April 26, 2014

I Thrifted A Leopard For $2

I'm really loving my new leopard tee with sparkly bits!  Can you see his face? :)
It's short sleeves so it can be worn alone or layered and will be suitable for all year round.
These brown jeans are one of my favorites.  Love their fit and length.

Large gold hoops, gold chain necklace and golden bangles to accessorize.

Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Brown Jeans $6.99 Gloria Vanderbilt
Leopard Tee $2 M Collection
Brown Lightweight Cardigan $4 Reflex Jeans
Gold Chain Necklace $5.99
Purse $13 Nine West
Dark Brown Ankle Strap Heels $7.99 Casual Corner


  1. Hi Lisa! Yes, I can see the face and it is a good leopard print. I hope you enjoy remixing it all year round. I noticed you lost a lot of weight. Did you follow a doctor's plan or you did it on your own? What's your advice? I put on 4 kilos since I stopped smoking. Any,way would you check my 2euro dress?

  2. Hi, Kelly. Congrats on quitting smoking! I quit 2 times in my younger years. Once when I was pregnant at age 20...then started again a few years later. Stupid me. And then quit again a few years after that. Cold turkey. Just DID it. I've yo-yo'd with my weight alll my life and have gained and lost the same 20-50 pounds numerous times. I have a Google spreadsheet where I plan my meals and keep track of everything I eat and the approximate calories. It helps me stay on track. My husband and I both like to EAT and SNACK though so it's not easy. I really should lose another 15 pounds and would be happy with 10...but it's actually a small struggle to stay where I'm at now. But I'm always working on it. When I'd lost weight before I took bad diet pill like phen phen which they took part of that combo off the market due to it causing people heart problems. Yikes! So now I try to watch my weight in a healthy way. No more bad fad diets.

  3. Świetna bluzka:))bardzo lubię takie zwierzęce motywy:)))wyglądasz ślicznie:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

    1. Thank you, Renia. I wasn't so sure about the animal heads on shirts at first, haha, but then I saw this one and thought I'd try it. :)

  4. I absolutely love that leopard tee and wishing I had one!!!!! Lisa you look fabulous with your recent weight loss!!!!

  5. Piękny zwierzęcy motyw. Lisa pięknie wyglądasz - śliczna fryzurka. Pozdrawiam.


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