Thursday, August 22, 2013

Weekend Outfit: My New Jacket...+ Food and Weight Journal

Last Saturday I threw on this t-shirt, white jeans and flowered flip flops to do the grocery shopping.  I thought I'd better wear a jacket and I couldn't wait to wear this one I'd just thrifted.  I fell in love with the color and style when I tried it on.
I have plans for dressier looks for it too, but today was casual.

   Thrifted Items:
White Jeans $8.50 Gloria Vanderbilt (Value Village)
Jacket $9.99 Draper's & Damon's (Goodwill)
Striped T-Shirt $4 Land's End (Value Village)
Orange Necklace $2.99 (Value Village)
Gold Locket (Value Village)
Bracelets (Value Village)
Floral Flip Flops $5 Apt. 9 new w/tags $20 (Value Village)

What I Ate:
Dinner on Wednesday was shrimp fajitas.  So good.

TUES Aug 20    Weight 141.8
lunch out: lentil burger550

1 waffle topped w/1 1/2 sausage patties and 2 scrambled eggs, sugar free syrup550
5 cashews40


WED Aug 21     Weight: 143.0
1/2 serv oatmeal w/ 2 T pb2, 1/2 banana, 2 equal, 1/4 c almond milk, raisins250
1 can albacore tuna, 3 T low fat mayo, grape tomatoes, spinach170
2 fajitas (2 tort, 4 shrimp, peppers/onions, (1/2 avoc)guacamole w/salsa, s cr)600

My weight went up a little which I had expected.  My pattern seems to be to lose, gain, hover...and continue with varying order of the same.  I had been on a little losing streak for a few days and so I knew this was coming.  I wasn't happy about it, but I know that I'll just keep making adjustments and trying.  Like tonight....we had a pretty filling dinner of 2 shrimp fajitas with guacomole so I made sure to not indulge in my usual nightime snack.  We'll see what tomorrow's weigh in brings....


  1. Lisa, I love your outfit! You look so very gorgeous and put together. You are doing great tracking your food. I had lost a few, but feel a few pounds creeping back on. Speaking of your jacket, I nearly bought one yesterday to bring home and "re-do" but I didn't. I woke up thinking about it last night. That's a sign I should have bought it, I think. LOL.


    1. Ohhhh...I just had that happen to me a couple of weeks ago. That is such a nagging feeling when you WISHED you would have went ahead and gotten something you passed up.

  2. Lisa, you look great in coral, too. That's a great jacket and a wonderfully put together casual outfit.

  3. Oh, I like the contrasting colors in the cuff and the collar on the jacket!

    1. Yes, this is something I liked about it too, Terri.

  4. Very cute outfit and I agree, you look wonderful in those colors!

    About your weight loss journey...I think it is important for us as women to remember that we can gain "water weight" very easily due to shifts in our hormones. I have been known to gain between 3-5 pounds overnight and then lose it the next day. I can always tell by the way my clothing fits. A pair of pants that was loose just the day before are skin tight the next day. Very frustrating.

    1. Very true, Debbie...and yes, very frustrating.

  5. You have perfect look. I do not think you need any type of dieting. Proper diet and regular exercise is better for you.

    Kopi Luwak

  6. Love that jacket with that striped shirt. Perfect color on you.

  7. Beautiful color, I can see why you are so excited to wear this right away. Maintaining weight loss is a tough part of the journey and 2-3 lb fluctuations are normal.

    1. Yes, I do have fluctuations. I have to be really careful not to decieve myself that it's just a "fluctuation" rather than what I'm eating or how much. It's an every day challenge, but one I'm hopefully accepting as part of the life I choose.

  8. Wow! Lisa cute look...kisses...

  9. Lisa it is a great look! The color is matching you so well. I think it is casual but nevertheless classy.
    Seeing your dinner makes me hungry, I have to prepare my breakfast now.
    Have a fine weekend!

  10. Happy Weekend to you too, Sabine.

  11. I was looking at your listed items and man you got a pretty good deal on everything! That jacket is perfect for a dressier look I would think. :) Btw, Thanks for stopping by my blog... xx



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