Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pink With Pearls

I feel so silly....   There was a day when I would absolutely not wear 2 tops together.  The only reasons I can think of are 1) I imagined it would feel too confining  and 2) I just never looked at or thought about fashion enough to realize this might be a more put together look and one that's more interestingNot until the ripe old age of about 50 did I discover the joy of wearing a button down shirt underneath a pullover sweater.  That just sounds so funny to me now.  I'm even wearing t-shirts underneath...that peek out at the bottom!   Becoming a fashion blog viewer has opened my eyes to a whole new world and way of life!  Blogging myself has led to  style experiences I never knew before and that I've come to love.   It also sounds funny that I can find enjoyment in wearing these combinations.  But there you have it.  Simple and newly discovered pleasures.  Isn't it great?! :)
pink gingham and pearls
I love the bright pink with pearls.  It makes me feel very girly.  And the white keeps it crisp and fresh.
This is one of my favorite looks for myself.  I feel  fairly well styled while still being comfortable.  
One of my fashion goals this year is to work towards wearing more outfits that make me feel the way this pink and white one do... and eliminating some pieces that don't... even if it means repeating my favorites more often than I currently do.  I have way too many clothes, many of which are things that do not work well for me or that I don't feel good in.  It is difficult for me to let go of things though, so this will be baby steps and learning what I really need to part with.  Sometimes it takes me a while to come to that final realization and say my goodbyes....but I have let go of a few things already so and I'll continue working at it throughout the upcoming year.
pink gingham with pearls

neutral flats white pants

Link up today with Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style!
Thrifted Items:
White Pants $6.99 Dockers
Pink/White Checked Button Down $4.20 Foxcroft
Pink Sweater - Ralph Lauren Sport
Pearl Choker $2
Purse $2.50 Liz Claiborne Crazy Horse 
Shoes $4 Enzo Angiolini


  1. Lovely outfit Lisa! I am working on culling my wardrobe back a bit too! it is easier to work with and reuse pieces you really like and let the rest go:)

  2. I'm glad you're finding your own style that makes you feel good.
    This is such flattering color on you, but then again, you look good pretty much all colors!

    Good luck with saying goodbye to some of your unwanted items....I know it's hard.

  3. I so agree with you! Why wear things that don't make you smile and feel good about yourself? I love the shirt/sweater combo and it looks so put together! All you need is some bubble gum! ;)

  4. Lisa beautiful color sweater...

  5. I agree! I'd rather repeat my favorites than wear things I just don't love. You look wonderful here, love the pearls worn this way. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday : >

  6. That is a beautiful shade on you. I am a sucker for cream colored pants-they go with everything. This is so pretty together!

  7. beautiful sweater!

    btw, I’m giving away a black leather bag similar to the HERMES BIRKIN one on my blog, so if you want a new bag go ahead and join the GIVEAWAY:

  8. Lisa, I rarely layered anything before stumbling upon style blogs by real women with all sorts of creative ideas. I also feel ya on the too many clothes. I am finding myself repeating my faves, and have set a goal to get down to one closet (I've oozed over into half of hubby's closet).

    Pink and pearls are perfect for your flawless complexion and blonde hair.

  9. You always look so amazing in pink! It's a color that go so well together with you hair and your eyes.

  10. You look very optimistic and beautiful! Kisses x x x

  11. Lisa, you are 100% correct that you shine in pink. You look great in every color, but pink is you, feminine, sweet, and spicy!

    Like you I have way too many clothes but I just cannot seem to let go. I have made a kind of resolution to try to get rid of things that I know I am not going to wear and keep those that give me joy.

  12. Yes ... this looks just like a favorite outfit, 'cause you glow in it. You were born to wear pink and in layers. And with pearls and white pants.
    So pretty, as usual.

  13. Lisa, you look radiant in this outfit, and I applaud you for the decision to sort through your clothing and keep only what makes you feel beautiful.
    Have you considered sharing with us your process...the donate pile etc?

    1. Yes, I actually have a post ready for tomorrow which describes the procedure I've adopted that is assisting me with this elimination process. It's quite simple, but is helpful to me.


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