Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Hint of Retro

faux fur thrifted style

retro faux fur collar
ballerina flats with bow
 Thrifted Items:
Sweater $4.99 Merona
Faux Fur Collar $6.50 (came attached to a different sweater)
Purse $2.39 Cortini Creations
Flats $4.99 Naturalizer 


  1. Wow, that fur collar is incredible! Very nice!

  2. You knew that title would lure me here like a siren call! Love the collar: it creates such a Fifties glamour look. Are you sure you didn't pay $6,500 for it? It looks that lush.

  3. Oh, I love this! You look so elegant!!

  4. Oh Wow! I love this Lisa. One of your best outfits in my eyes. That sweater color goes beautifully with the collar. I want one!

  5. Oh, so very pretty sweater, like the colour and that fur collar

  6. I love that fur collar. Very glamorous! Reminds me of a Hollywood starlet. I love it!!


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