Saturday, October 27, 2012

Olive and Sage

I'm getting more wear out of these jeans than I ever imagined I would.  I almost didn't buy them, but am glad I did.  I am unexpectedly finding many pieces that I like wearing with them.  I had thought the sort of odd color would be limiting, but it's actually acting as somewhat of a neutral.

Thrifted Items:
Lt. Sage Green Jeans $4.99 Gloria Vanderbilt
Navy/Gray Striped Tank Top $1.50
Dark Navy Cardigan
Earrings $1.99
Olive Green Purse $3
Gray Suede Flats w/ Chains $7.99 Bamboo    


  1. Great job on this color combination. It's neutral but not. ;)

  2. I love those sage jeans. Such a fabulous color, and you're right, almost a neutral. I love everything about this outfit actually. Beautiful!

  3. so pretty! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  4. hi lisa,
    i love the marine look of this outfit, brings a bit of summer in our cold snowy day! your flats are fantastic round it out perfectly.

  5. Hey Lisa, thank you for dropping by my blog! - Sage green is a wonderful colour and it acts as a neutral as you say, you can wear it with your blacks or your browns, I would also try navy blue. Looking forward to seeing more of your ourfits :) Have a great week, Katherine,


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