Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Pink Paradise

I love girly pink!  My t-shirt has pink palm trees and flowers and says Hawaii to the left hidden by the jean jacket.  This tiny little purse is not big enough to carry much, but it's cute and we were just running a couple of errands and having lunch at our favorite little thai cell phone and gum and I was ready to go.  Strappy sandals in two-toned pink, pink belt and pink clip on flower for my hair layers on the pink to my level of perfection. 

Thrifted Items:  White skirt, pink t-shirt $2.99, dark denim jacket Studio West, necklace, pink purse, strappy sandals.
Coral Bracelet $1 = downtown accessories shop
Coral Earrings $7 = Old Navy


  1. Cute outfit! That little purse s adorable...Zoe would like it...

  2. I love the denim jacket with the pink.

  3. Hi Lisa. I think we talked about pink before, right? I mentioned that I was addicted to it a few years ago. Well, your outfit makes me want to relapse!
    Adore the flower in the hair!

  4. Funny that you're wearing pink lemonade today. I was just thinking about how I don't own one thing pink except for a bottle of nail polish and some lipstick. I need a few things in my closet now.
    Back in 1984 I remember my favorite outfit was a pink velour Nike jumpsuit and pink Nike tennies. Boy I was stylin'! Or so I thought. But I really did feel good in pink.
    I love how you've done both light and dark pink here. Those earrings are funky fun!

  5. You do pink so well, but I could never fit all my necessaries in the tiny bag!

  6. Amazing!!!!



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