Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Long And The Short Of It

Longer dress today with shorter hair.  I have been inching my way up to the just above the shoulder length that I had wanted.  This is absolutely as short as I can go (and want to go) in order to still be able to wear it in updo styles too.  I always just cut my hair myself (as is probably evident, ha) and I nowadays figure it's just hair and if I decide I don't like it that it will grow back in a few months. 
I wanted to wear this dress one last time before I re-donate it.  It's rarely worn and not my favorite on me so I will be letting this one go.

Thrifted Items:  Dress, necklaces, earrings $1, sweater, brown wide belt, heeled sandals $4.20 Merona.


  1. I envy your ability to cut your own hair. I wouldn't know how to start. It always looks good.

  2. You did it! YAY! It looks fantastic!!! Kudos for choppin' on yourself. lol Great job; it really does look lovely. :) I feel the very same grows back. lol

    I am in LOVE with that necklace. The earrings are fab, too. Another lovely ensemble! :D

  3. I would love to have a few tips on cutting your own hair. I'm with you--mine also needs to be long enough for an updo, especially in the summer time.


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