Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Today's Outfit - Watercolored Ruffles

Wow, I've applied a Dove light self tanner the past 2 days and already my face feels as dark as I'd like.  Maybe I'm just not used to seeing myself tan.  I didn't tan or apply any self tanner last year at all, but I felt my legs needed tanning desperately this year if I'm going to bare a little skin in the warmer weather...if it ever gets here.  I didn't apply any foundation today, so maybe if I put a little on (since it's a fairly light shade) that would probably lighten my face up some.
Do you all get tan naturally, have a little help, or just stay away from tanning altogether?  

Thrifted Items:  Army green jeans $2.50 Chic, black turtleneck, multicolored ruffled top $3.75 NY Collection, black booties $6.99 Franco Sarto.


  1. I only used a moisturizer/tanner once, just before a long road-bike ride - big mistake! I loved tanning years ago, but avoid it now - I don't mind being pale. Hats and gauzy long-sleeved shirts are a staple. I can't believe you only did two applications, it looks like the real thing.

  2. I'm pale all summer long. I find the self tanners to be messy and if I'm not careful I burn if I actually try to tan.

    I love the colors in your top!

  3. Great colors on the shirt and perfect for the season.


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