Thursday, December 10, 2015

Super Duper Skinny Jeans

 These are absolutely the skinniest of skinny jeans that I own.  They literally fit like a glove.  Maybe they're actually jeggings??  Is that was jeans that fit like leggings are called?
Anyway...I bought these in May of 2014!  I had dreams of fitting into them at that time, but was a far cry from doing so...until now.  They may feel a little inappropriate, but by golly I squeezed into them and was determined to wear them.  I tried to use good sense and wear a nice low pair of heels, a pretty scarf, and sensible cardigan to counteract the "hooker vibe" of the pants. haha

skinny jeans $7 Rewash
dressy tank top $1.29 Dress Barn
cardigan $7 Chico's
bangle $1.89
earrings $2.62
scarf  ?
purse $8 Nine West 
shoes $5 Nine West


  1. They look great!

  2. If I could rock those skinny jeans like you are, I would be wearing them proudly too. :)


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