Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Garment Rack and My Space For Dressing

When we recently moved to our new place I was pleased that we had as much closet space as we do for a small apartment.  However, even with a walk in closet and another full sized closet, it wasn't quite enough for my collection of clothing so I purchased this double tiered garment rack.  I really love it.  I currently have a lot of my pants/jeans on the bottom rack.  On the top I have some of my tops, and also many of my scarves.  The scarves I've looped through clear plastic shower curtain rings and linked the rings together.  So I have 3 rings hanging from the end of the pole and then each of those 3 rings has multiple rings and scarves attached to it.
What I like most about this garment rack is putting together outfits and hanging them here so they are visible.  On the end, behind where I'm standing, I have several outfits planned and ready to go.
Oh, and I also have a hanging jewelry holder with numerous little pockets that hold many of my earrings and a few bracelets. 
This room is just used as my dressing room and computer room so I don't mind that the rack full of clothes is just sitting out.  It's nothing fancy and my space is not elegant, but it is functional and works for me. 
On the back of the door, where I'm standing above, I have one of those over the door shoe holders with pockets.  I don't use mine for shoes.  I roll up my heavier scarves and stick them inside the pockets.  I also have an over the door hook holding 3 of my purses.  My shoes for the current season are displayed on two tall bookshelves.  Out of season shoes are stored in large boxes and also individual shoe boxes in the closet.
Behind this door, on the wall, is my full length mirror. 
I have almost totally switched over to the type of hanger you see in the top photo.  I used to have the plastic tubular style ones, but these take up less space.  I get them at the dollar store 2 for $1.


  1. I wish I had the room for a clothing rack so I could pull out pieces and see what goes together. Everything usually gets tossed on the bed and it's a mess to hang everything up. I've also switched to those flocked, skinny hangers .. love 'em.


    1. Hi, Monica. Yes, this room is quite large. I also have 2 other lower bookcase shelf units that hold purses, more shoes and jewelry, etc. Also have one large dresser, my computer and desk, and a stackable unit on wheels that holds all my makeup, etc. I do my makeup at a lighted mirror at my desk. And then I have 4 different holders with multiple hooks that hang on the walls to hold my necklaces. I'll have to take more pictures someday.

  2. It's really important for us to know what we have, so visible clothes in spacious closets are a necessity. As is a full-sized mirror. Your passion for fashion deserves tools and respect!


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