Sunday, June 22, 2014

Off Days

Whether it's bad hair, an article of clothing you thought you liked, but didn't like the looks of it after seeing the photograph....or both (as in the case for all of mine below, ha).... we all have those days.  These are some of mine recently.

This was the only time I'd worn this top.  I thought I liked it until I saw the photos.  I'm re-donating this one.
Black/White Top $3.60 JM Collection
I did like how the sandals and purse both had white stitching on the black.  Didn't even notice that till I saw this photo.
 Again...I thought I loved this new shimmery gold and white cardigan...until I saw how shapeless it looks on.  I have other cardigans in a similar style that I like so maybe its the large stripes that I'm finding unflattering.  I'll give it another chance though and try it with some different pants and possibly tied it up to make it shorter. 
Gold/White Striped Cardigan $6.99 Inc.

Below is another top I've had for a while, but had never worn.  I expected to like this one, but am not thrilled with it.  I do like the fabric so I'm going to try it some day with navy pants and see if it works any better.
Geometric Print Top $7 Anne Klein (Can't believe I've had this since August 2013 and never worn it.  Maybe that's a sign that I'm not that crazy about it.)

RL has caused me to get behind on posting so I had these photos saved up from the past week or so.   I have an outfit coming up that I DO like though so I'll be happier to post those photos in a day or two.


  1. Wszystkie zestawy są świetne,nie wiem który wybrać:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  2. Przepiękne, eleganckie zestawy. Nr 1 najbardziej przypadł mi do gustu. Pozdrawiam.


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