Saturday, May 3, 2014

Blue Stripe, Gray Stripe

This is one of my favorite "go to" super casual tops.  I guess the main reasons for that are that it's comfortable and I  I like the colors...and I like stripes. :)  
I didn't even wear any jewelry except my watch.  This is minimal and simple all the way.  This was an outfit I wore for a thrift shopping excursion.  It met the requirements:  easy to get on and off and able to try on cardigans and most tops right over this one (since it's thin) without struggling in a dressing room.
Do you have any wardrobe items you reach for more than others?  Do they meet the needs of comfort, style, or both?
I have 2 pair of yellow jeans and both are by Gloria Vanderbilt.  This is the older pair with a more relaxed fit, but I thrifted a newer pair the day I went shopping.  The newer pair fit much better and are not so loose.  I was wondering why that is because they are both the same brand and a size 8 short.  I just looked at them trying to figure it out and realized the newer pair is an "Amanda" style.  I also now notice that the previous owner had sewn up the waist and hemmed them.  They may also have sewn up the sides of the legs, but I can't tell.  They must be an expert seamstress.  They altered them to fit me perfectly!  Thank you fellow donater! :)

Thrifted Items:  (Value Village and/or Goodwill)
Yellow Jeans $5 Gloria Vanderbilt
Striped Top
Beige/Blue Boat Shoes $2.50 Merona


  1. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans are so comfortable, long lasting and certainly expensive! Your shoes are so preppy style. I would wear something similar to go thrifting. Maybe switch the jeans with leggings for practical reasons to try clothes! happy thrifting.

  2. Świetny zestaw. Bardzo Ci ładnie w takiej fryzurze. Buziaki!


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