Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New Navy With Gray

I chose not to wear any necklaces or scarf so that the detail of the zipper would show.  I tried necklaces, but they seemed to not look right alongside the zipper.  I will wear a scarf with this sweater in the future to create another look.  This day I opted for simplicity as I sometimes like to do.  I did add the fun earrings though...which I purchased last July and had yet to wear.

Thrifted Items:
Gray Ankle Pants $5 Banana Republic (Value Village)
Navy Sweater $2.50 Studio Works (Value Village)
Purse $6 Aldo (Value Village)
Navy Flats $5.99 Talbots (Goodwill)
~ ~ ~
Earrings $6.50 - Expressions, Port Townsend, WA     


  1. I always talk about being a maximalist dresser versus a minimalist due to my love of accessories, but some days it's nice to do a more minimalist look like this...

    1. Yes, I have a love for both looks so it varies. I have a vision to someday go with a much more minimalistic slant to my wardrobe and look. More sleek and classic/casual with far fewer pieces than I currently have. I think it will be a gradual transition over many years...and may not totally exclude the occasional splurge in accessorizing. Those are my thoughts about it lately anyway. :)

  2. Śliczny sweterek:))moją uwagę przyciągnęła również bardzo ładna torebka:)Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

  3. Ładny zestaw. Torebka tez mi się podoba. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  4. very nice classic outfit!

  5. Beautiful sweater and nice look, love the pants.

    1. This sweater was really nice for a cold day. Even though I didn't have on socks... haha


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