Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bright Colored Scarf + Whole 30 Day 2

This is another of my new scarves.  Loved the color in this one.  Was going to wear my brown jeans, but they were a little snug and I need to lose a few pounds to wear them comfortably again.  So the gray pants fit looser and I decided to go with the out of the box (for me) camel/gray combo.  I like it....especially with the red added in.

 Thrifted Items:
Gray Ankle Pants $5 Banana Republic (Value Village)
Sweater $4.90 Designers Originals (Value Village)
Scarf $2.10 (Value Village)
Red Loafers $6.99 Partners (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Wednesday was day 2 of our Whole 30 diet.  Day 1 and 2 we have missed our evening snack and I've gone to bed just a tiny bit hungry, but our daytime meals have been generous. 
I tried both mornings to drink coffee without creamer and sweetener and I just can't do it.  So I guess I'll just give up the coffee for now.  What does that tell me?  I really just enjoy that sweet in the mornings.  When this is over I may limit my coffee intake to 1 cup rather than 2, use half the amount of non dairy creamer I was using and I think I will try coconut sugar to replace my aspartame.  I'm trying to learn to make better choices on the necessities and eliminate what I can live without. 
One thing I'm really loving is that we can have guacomole which I love!  I have half an avocado mashed up with a bit of (compliant) salsa.  So that is a treat.  Normally I try to stay away from that because I crave it with tortilla chips as a night time snack and eat too much, too often.  But I've enjoyed it with our morning frittata instead.
I've even made homemade mayo!
This is dinner from Day 1:  BBQ (homemade sauce /compliant) Pork Roast, 1/2 yam w/ghee, steamed broccoli, and half a deviled egg.
The sweet potato was actually the best I've ever eaten.  I don't know if it was the ghee or the potato itself, but I thought it tasted delicious.  I'd never had ghee before and we were going to make some, but I found a jar of it at Trader Joe's for three dollars and change and thought I'd try it first to see if I even liked it.  I do!


  1. Lisa szalik jest śliczny. Czytałam kiedyś, że słodzik jest bardzo szkodliwy, lepszy jest cukier trzcinowy. Ja też chciałabym zrzucić ze 4 kilo. Zawsze zimą przytyję. Od jutra planujemy spacery z kijkami. Pozdrawiam Cię serdecznie.

    1. Good luck on your walking plan! Exercise is something I really need.

  2. I love the scarf and also love sweet potatoes.

  3. Ślicznie szalik rozweselił Twój zestaw:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

    1. Hi, Renia. Thank you. Have a nice weekend. :)

  4. I love the scarf :) Lisa you look gorgeous :)
    Hugs Beata


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