Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Navy Herringbone: Unbuttoned, Buttoned, Belted

I wore this last week, but I'm not as crazy about this blazer as I thought I'd be.  I'm going to eventually try it out with maybe some white pants and khaki colored pants too and see if I like that look any better.  I think I'll try adding a scarf also.
 I started out with the blazer unbuttoned, then I buttoned it...and as I was getting ready to walk out the door I realized it had belt loops on the sides, so I quickly grabbed a dark navy/purple? belt (the red I tried clashed with the sweater) and was on my way to work.

 Thrifted Items:
Navy Pants $5.99 Dockers (Value Village)
Red Sweater
Herringbone Jacket $6.99 Talbots (Value Village)
Belt $1.99 (Goodwill)
Red Purse $6 Aldo (Value Village)
Red Low Wedges w/Buckle $10.50 Franco Sarto (Value Village)
~ ~ ~
Earring $3.98 Target
Necklace (old)


  1. That's a great blazer Lisa, wish I had one like that. It's just the wrong pants, I would wear a chino pants with it to keep it more balanced, but nevertheless you look great.

    1. Thanks for your input on the pants, Lenya. It encourages me to try those you suggested to see if that will be a better look. xo

  2. Piękny zestaw Lisa. Jesteś zawsze taka elegancka i uśmiechnięta. Bardzo podoba mi się żakiet i biżuteria. Pozdrawiam ciepło!

  3. Love this blazer both buttoned and belted. I am having so much fun adding scarfs in this week now that we have some temps under 60...


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