Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Workday Outfit: A New Jacket in Navy Blue Stripes

This is a first time wear for the navy striped jacket.  I am trying to become more comfortable with a belted look.  On my way to work I stopped at Goodwill and purchased 11 new belts to try out.  I also got a black pinstriped blazer for $1.29 and a cool pair of cutout peep toe black booties for $5.99 (photo below).  They lace up and have zippers at the back.
I was wondering if it would be appropriate to wear them into cooler weather with tights and then read in Redbook that, yes, it is!  I'll probably wear them with jeans or slacks, but I'm also going to try them out with tights and a skirt I've had for a couple of years, but have never worn.  I'll post the photos when I wear it if it works.

New peep toe booties.
Thrifted Items:
Navy Pants $5.99 Dockers (Value Village)
Navy Sleeveless Top $1.50 Uniform-John Paul Richard
Belted Jacket $4 Sonoma (Value Village)
Jumbo Pearl Necklace $1 (Value Village)
Purse $5.99 Liz Claiborne
Navy Sandals
Black Lace Up Booties $5.99 Rampage (Goodwill)
~ ~ ~
Earrings $3.98 Target
Pearl Bracelet (set of 3) $4.80 Forever 21
~ ~ ~

Dinner:  BBQ Pork, Cheese Pasta w/Broccoli


  1. The coat is lovely Lisa! It is perfect for transition time, the maritime look reminds to summer but it is also warm enough.
    You found 11 new belts?! I'm surprised and I regret I do not have a Goodwill shop here.

    1. I was so happy that all but one of the belts (I believe) were either $1.29 or $1.99. I am thankful for those prices that allow me to experiment.

  2. I like the coat and the shes on the last pic.

    My Beautiful Things

    1. Thank you, Sabine.
      I never thought I'd own shoes like this, but there they were...so... The heel is not to high on these, so they seem pretty comfortable too.

  3. Love this look and that jacket. Yes, belts at Goodwill are the best way to get a good variety at great prices... Those lace up booties are very fashion forward and can't wait to see how you style them..

    1. Hi, Tracey. Well, the skirt idea didn't turn out so well. :( The ankle boots cover my ankles so they hit me right where my calves start enlarging and it doesn't took flattering to me. I think I'll stick to wearing them with pants. So far I've only found jeans that they work with because I need to alter (hem/slim down) all my new slacks...and I've been procrastinating on that. Will try to get to that in a couple of days.

  4. And I am late on this one. Sorry sorry sorry. OMG! look at thse shoes!!! LOVE them. You paid what? $5.99. They are gorgeous. And you look so pretty.


  5. Lisa, I really like the belted jacket on you. It makes for a very polished look. Those shoes will look great with tights. Great finds.

  6. Cudny płaszczyk, wyglądasz bardzo młodzieżowo. Ja tez lubię perły. Pozdrawiam serdecznie.


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