Monday, September 16, 2013

It's In My Closet (outfit inspiration) + Guess what I found?

This outfit was inspired by a Penny Pincher Fashion post here.   When I saw it I realized I had a gray graphic long sleeved t-shirt in my closet that I'd not yet worn...and pair of pants I have only worn once that I could use to replicate this outfit.  I liked the idea of mixing a very casual top with a slightly dressier bottom.  So here is the recreation I came up with for myself.
  I wore this to the grocery store and on errands so I also brought along a black blazer for warmth while shopping.

 I just love this t-shirt.  I have a very hard time resisting these at only a couple of dollars or so.

 I chose earrings that have the same teal green color as the flecks in the top.

Remember those sandals I thrifted the other day in 3 different colors...the Naturalizers I wore and talked about here?  I had mentioned that I wished they had them in black as well.  I was so lucky to find them in 3 colors at one time though and I was very happy with that.
Well....I stopped at Goodwill on my way to work on Friday and found them in black!!  I was thrilled!  I couldn't believe they had them in the exact style and the color I wanted and for only $6.99.  Whoo hoo!  (I have a similar style shoe also in red, navy, gold, and a burberry pattern.  Yes, it's a favorite.)
They're not anything fancy or exceptionally pretty, but they are perfect for a lot of my outfits.  Comfort is a major factor for working all day and these pass that test beautifully.
~ ~ ~
Thrifted Items:
Pants $4.20 Worthington (Value Village)
Floral Sequined T-Shirt $3 Sonoma (Value Village)
Purse $8 Fossil (Value Village)
Sandals $6.99 Naturalizer (Goodwill)
~ ~ ~

Dinner:  Cheese Tortellini, Salad


  1. Yes, you were very lucky to find those sandals! They go with almost every outfit and look confortable! What more could desire a woman?

  2. You found them in black! Yeah! Love the touch of teal in the top.

  3. Congrats on the shoe haul. Don't you just love when that happens. I think we thrifty souls all get amazing deals. It is the ones that don't try that I feel sorry for. When at the 50% off Sale on Labor Day, there was a teen aged girl that was just barely fingering through the dress rake I was on. I found 3 wonderful dresses and tried on about 20 (latter of the 3 will be posted on Thursday - don't miss it) and she could barely stand to touch the rakes. I was muttering under my breath, "your loss, my gain". Her Mom was probably in the dressing room trying on multitude of great deals while her bratty daughter was too good to begin to touch a'pre-worn' item. oh the shame, LOL.

  4. I love the tee! And, whoa, 4 pair now of a style you love!

  5. Great tee and love the teal earrings. I can't believe how many times I hope to find something and then it happens . when thrifting this phenomena is truly remarkable.

  6. Jeszcze raz powtórzę - pięknie ci w szarym kolorze. Pozdrawiam ciepło.


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