Friday, August 16, 2013

My Weight Loss and Lifestyle Changes... And What I'm Eating

The photos below are from January 4, 2013 (the day I got started on my lifestyle changes) and January 5.  I weighed 171.2 lbs.  I'm 5'4" and turned 52 years old in April 2013.

The photos below are from this month, August 2013.

I have lost 26 lbs since January 2013 just by making some modifications to my eating habits.  I haven't done anything too drastic so I don't feel deprived.  I eat foods I like, but try to watch the portions more often.  I keep a daily log of every single thing I eat and approximate the calories as best I can.
I plan out my daily food a week in advance so that I know exactly what to buy on our weekly shopping trip.
I try to keep my calories between 1050 and 1250, but sometimes I go over.  I just try not to let that happen nearly as much as I used to.  I'm not an active person, although I know I should get more exercise...but that is why my calorie goals are what they are.  My husband and I have been attempting to walk sometimes and that feels good.

I know I have lots of room for improvement and making more health conscious choices, but I have made small changes, a little here and there, that I feel I am able to handle at this time.  This is a verrrrry slow process, but I'm okay with that.  I want this time to be a forever lifestyle change and not just a temporary diet.  I've done that too many times and then just started eating the way I used to and gained it all back....numerous times.  I have not been this weight in about 12 years or so.  It feels good to be here.  I will continue to try to lose more.  If I do I do and if I don't then I won't be too terribly upset with myself.  

My starting weight in January was about 171 lbs which was about an average for me over the past several years.  I had ballooned up more than that at times though.
When I started I set a goal of 142 lbs.  I knew I would never see the 120's again and most likely not the 130's either and was okay with that.  I will not live my life being unhappy, starving, or taking diet pills again they way I did on occasion as I yo-yo'd through my 20's, 30's and early 40's.

I actually never even thought I could hit the 150's on my own these days with only adjusting to some better eating habits!  So to now be at 145 lbs I'm thrilled! 
I would like to lose 6-12 more lbs, but don't want to live being miserable trying to get there, so we'll see what happens.
My immediate goal is to hit that 142 lb mark that I'd set for myself in January and then go from there.
I am currently wearing a size 8 and sometimes 10, but the 10's seem to be getting baggy on me now and I am re-donating or altering them.  I would like to be in a size 6-8.   
Like I say, the weight loss is progressing very slowly and gradually and I'm okay with that.  I hope to hit that 142 mark by the end of the year, but I'm not stressing about it.
I may from time to time post what I'm eating...just because I enjoy seeing this feature on other blogs too.  More often than not though I'm too lazy to take the photos though. ha
This was from a day I was home and not working so that I could photograph.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

8:45 am 2 cups coffee w/ 4 T creamer, 4 pkts sweetener = 120 cal.
11:15am Brunch: waffle with 1/2 banana and sugar free syrup = 175 cal.

1:30pm:  other 1/2 of banana with 1 T PB2 = 70 cal.
5:45pm Dinner: Creamy Cheese Topped Pork Chops, Butternut Squash w/drizzle of marg & sugar free syrup = 675 cal.
*(see bottom of post for dinner details)

Evening Snack:  Weight Watcher's English Toffee Ice Cream Bar = 100 cal.
Total Daily Calories = 1140

Oh, and another thing...I think I may be slightly hypoglycemic.  I don't like to eat early, but do need to eat before lunchtime or I get really weak, cold sweaty, shaky, and feel like I'm going to pass out.  So, on days I'm working I like to eat something like oatmeal between 10:15 and 11:15.  Then I seem to be hungry again in an hour or 2 and so then I'll have something else like maybe tuna salad.  I usually do better in the afternoon and sometimes don't feel the need for a snack to get me through.  Dinner is usually our most calorie laden meal and I know I shouldn't do that, but....
And then we almost always like to have a nightime snack.  I'm trying to have lower calorie ones that I still like though. 

I've recently discovered PB2 and cannot get enough of it!   
I've just finished off the first jar and absolutely love it!
I bought the first jar online, but then found it in a local supermarket for about half the price and so I bought 2 more jars.  This is a MUST have for me now.
It is delicious mixed in oatmeal.  I sometimes add banana or apple and vanilla almond milk and sweetener. good.
Another way I like it is mixed in with pasta, ck, broccoli w/ soy sauce, ginger, garlic for a tasty asian pasta meal.  The PB2 makes it lower calorie than adding our usual crunchy Skippy.
I've also eaten it for a snack w/ apple slices.
I've eaten it mixed w/water then with oatmeal and a pkt of sweetener like cookie dough for a 120 cal nightime snack.  I just eat the dough and it kills my sweet tooth for not many calories.
Most recipes you just mix it right in, but if you want it like peanut butter you just add a tiny bit of water to it and then do what you want with it.

This is a long post, but I just felt like sharing and encouraging anyone out there that would like to lose a few pounds that thinks they can't do it...and let them know that YES you can!  If I have made it this far...anyone else can too.  I LOVE to eat and I've always liked BIG portions and fattening food.  I still eat good food and sometimes splurge a little (see Countryside Cafe brunch post haha).  But I'm learning and incorporating new habits that I can live with....and taking it day by day. :)
~ ~ ~ 

* Creamy Cheesy Pork Chops
2 pork chops
3 T flour
2 T PB2
Creamy Italian Dressing (I didn't have any so used hubby's high cal creamy avocado ranch dressing)
garlic salt, onion powder, ginger

 Preheat oven to 375.  Line aluminum pan w/ foil and spray w/ oil so the chops don't stick.
Dredge 2 pork chops through the seasoned flour/PB2 mixture.  Then dredge through the dressing.
Place in pan and cook for 50 min.  
I topped with parmesan cheese that last 10 min. of cooking.

* Butternut Squash
 Microwave a bag of frozen squash according to directions and then add a T of marg and a squirt of sugar free syrup.

This was easy.  I'd never bought butternut squash before because I have a thing about knives and they seem too hard to cut open.  But when I was in Target I saw some frozen bags on sale for $1.50 each and bought 4 bags.  Each bag has 2 servings and is 100 cal per serv.
I have also microwaved apple chunks and 1/4 bag of squash and topped a waffle with it and a little sugar free syrup.  It was very good!


  1. well done look fabulous:) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss Lisa. You look as beautiful as always. To be at a healthier weight is indeed an achievement! Yes!

  3. Aww, congratulations Lisa! I have to admit, I thought you looked totally fine in your earlier photos, but when you put them up side by side like that, the difference is dramatic. I'm so glad you've found ways that work for you (like putting your awesome thrifting brain to work looking at Calorie count!)

    My opinion is that slow and gradual as you are going is absolutely the way to do it. (: It wasn't until my late twenties when I combined my exercise with a homecooked diet and portion control that my weight steadied out, then over half a decade, dropped very slowly.

  4. congrats! you look wonderful,, I like the way you style your hair now

  5. Congratulations Lisa! You did it in the best of all ways, relaxed and step by step. Your efforts are encouraging me to take more care of what I'm eating during the day and to face also a small weight loss by changing some unnecessary habits. Thank you for that. By the way you look fabulous and healthy!

  6. You are my hero! You look mah-velous! Portion control is key to success and something I struggle with. I so admire your perseverance. Well done!

  7. Congratulations! You look great! I can see that I need to do the same, just make small changes and be consistent. Thanks so much for posting how you did it.

  8. Congratulations! I am very encouraged by this post because I have been struggling with my weight for years. Once I hit 40, my metabolism slowed way down and it was harder and harder to lose weight. I just turned 50 and I need to change my lifestyle if I want to continue to be here for my family.

  9. Welcome, you look great i wish you the perseverance in attaining objectives. I am greeting warmly!
    Nie wiem, jak to brzmi, nie znam języka angielskiego, korzystałam ze słownika internetowego.

  10. Wow! Congratulations! The comparison photos speak for themselves!

  11. Great result, Lisa! You chose the right plan, when loosing weight slowly it will not come back.


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