Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Warm Weather Casual Wear

Casually attired in floral pants and T.

 The orange/pink/brown outfit below was one that I liked the colors, but the top was sleeveless and that's really not a good look on me... but it was a warm day and that's what I wore for hubby and I to meet daughter for lunch, see her new condo, and stroll at a nearby lake.
Thrifted Items:
Floral Pants $3 Brooks Brothers (Value Village)
Green Old Navy T-Shirt
Yellow Bracelet
Yellow Sandals $3.99 Covington (Goodwill)
Brown Ankle Pants $7.99 Kenar (Value Village)
Orange Tank Top
Pink/Orange Scarf
Brown Flip Flops $3.99 Old Navy (Goodwill) 


  1. Wow Lisa, beautiful look, great pants...kisses...

  2. Whoa, I like the orange color on you--sleeves or not.

  3. Vibrant casual summer look is what I dub this one.


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