Saturday, June 22, 2013

Flip Flops Issue - A Follow Up to Earlier Post Today

I'm a flip flops gal.  My female employer even wears flip flops to work.  (We provide psychiatric therapy and medication management.)  Office attire varies from casual, but neat, to dressy casual.  I live in Seattle....the home of the grunge movement.  Pearl Jam and Nirvana.  I was always a big fan of the music and the well as the bohemian/hippie style.  People here tend to be more relaxed and outdoorsy.  That's one thing I love about living can pretty much dress any way you want and it's acceptable.  My husband and I would go to the symphony and I was delighted to see people dressed to the hilt, people looking as if they were in their everyday work clothes, and people who looked like they just walked off the street from the coffee shop in their jeans.  I love a society where people are not looked down on for how they dress or the labels in their clothing.

Over the last few years I've tried to gear my daily style toward a more sophisticated and classic look because that's what I've been drawn to and is appealing for me at the age I am now (52).  I sometimes like a bit of a preppy look too.  But honestly, I do have many days still, when I'm at home or running errands when you'll find me in my flip flops.  I don't think my love for flip flops will ever die.  I think I own about 25 pairs of them.

They're not for everyone.  But they will pop up on my blog from time to time because that's what I wear in real life and this is pretty much just a "What I Wore" outfit journal for me.

Someone mentioned that Stacy and Clinton don't approve of flip flops.  I don't even watch them.  I'm sure I probably should. haha  I think I may have seen an episode when it first started about 10 years ago.  I should probably pay closer attention to "trends" and "what to wear" and "what not to wear" opinions from experts.  Fashion advice is helpful, interesting, and thought provoking.  But, in the end (to an extent)...I'm probably a do what feels good type of gal and don't necessarily feel compelled to strictly follow the rules of fashion.

What do you think?  Do you like or dislike flip flops?
How can you not like these pretties though? :)
 Of, course...these more plain ones are favorites of mine too.

(brown ones above) Super raggety, well worn, and loved. ha


  1. Cute post! Miss Janice posted about flip flops also, saying that the first day of summer is National Flip Flop Day.

  2. There's nothing wrong with flip-flops. In essence, they're really sandals. Pretty ones are nice and can be worn with any outfit.

  3. My sciatica thanks me from steering clear! I don't know of any traditional flops that offer any support and in fact feel to me like walking on the ground... But hey I am even careful of extra padding in ballet flats as they can have the same issue. I live in a beach community where flip flops are very common, but not in most work places... I have a pair of Birki's that I wear when walking and know there is contreversy around them as well, but the support they offer is amazing.. I hated them when I was younger but age and comfort won out... I am posting a very bohmemian outfit in them on Monday...

  4. I LOVE flip flops!!!!! I agree that they're just another type of sandal, and they can be dressier or more casual depending on the fabrication. You look great in yours.!!

  5. I love flip flops too! My favourites are Reefs. I know that the 'pros' tell us to leave them at the beach or the pool, but they really mean summer to me. And how do we really define a flip flop? I have an Aldo pair that are leather soled, and metallic gold leather with a round gold ring at the toe...they flip and they flop, but I think they look really appropriate with a summer dress.

    Sue xo

  6. Flip flops are so comfy. I love them.

  7. YOu and I seem to have a lot in common when it comes to fashion and comfort. ;) I would live in my flip flops year round if it were not for the darned snow and cold temps here on the other side of Washington state. Having been raised in Hawaii, we either went barefoot or lived in "slippas". They are still my shoe of choice because they are so comfortable and I too have quite a collection.

  8. I love your flip flaps! First and second are the best! Kisses x x x x

  9. How many you have got! ( the second one is my favourite )
    I like flip flops, but probably there is something wrong with my feet because I find those sandals quite unconfortable. What a pity!


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