Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wardrobe Newbies - Sunday's Shopping

Value Village had 50% off all clothing, shoes and bedding (Sunday) so I shopped again.  This is what I wore below, but didn't have my hair and make up done.  Basic everyday no frills outfit with those old cheap rubber flip flops.  Oldees, but goodies. 
 And here are some of the things I bought.

I'm loving this style of cardigan that I just bought in brown.  Thin, soft, and lightweight, but a good layering piece.  I have similar in navy, black, tan, and cream, plus 2 gray ones in sleeveless vest style.
The cute teal and tangerine flowered sandals were new with tags on, are from Kohl's, and were originally marked at $20 each.  I got them for $5 each.  I know I see a lot of bloggers getting really good deals at Kohl's with their discount coupons, etc. ...but I never shop at the actual store and don't know how they get the coupons.  I'm wondering if you have to sign up for a Kohl's credit card or something.  I do like some brands at that store and would consider shopping there if I could get things discounted at thrift store prices. :)

From left to right:
Tangerine Striped T-Shirt $4 Land's End
Oranged Wooden Bead Necklace $2.99
White Slacks $3 Daisy Fuentes
Tangerine Flowered Sandals $5 Kohl's 
Brown Cardigan $4 Reflex Jeans
Bronze Heeled Sandals $3 Kenneth Cole Reaction
Teal T-Shirt $2.50 Style & Co.
Teal Flowered Sandals $5 Kohl's

And Sunday dinner: BBQ Ribs w/ Mac n Cheese


  1. Great bargains Lisa. I love the flip-flops in both colors and of course the striped tee.

  2. You bought amazing things! This dinner looks delicious! Kisses x x x x

    1. The dinner was good. However, photographing some of my meals is helping me to realize that my portion sizes exceed what they should be. One of my longstanding food issues. Will need to work on adjusting that a bit.

  3. My favorites are the teal tshirt and the bronze heels! Great haul!

    1. Those bronze heels are surpisingly comfy. The top straps are wider and so don't dig in like some little strappy sandals and the material is also like a soft leather so that feels nice.

  4. I visited three Savers on Sundays and only bought one item. The crowds in my local stores were so big that the line to pay discouraged me. I love flip-flops.

  5. You have bought beautiful clothes, my favourite is the brown cardigan and I think it is very versatile. The bronze sandals look confortable!


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