Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wardrobe Newbies: Dress, Flip Flops, Purse

I threw this on to run to Value Village to make a donation obtained from my ongoing closet cleanout...and so of  course I HAD to go in...since I was there and all.... 
I had some things in my cart to try on, then I ran through the purses and found a cute salmon pink purse (Nordstrom) that went perfectly with one of the tops I had.  Well, the top ended up not looking right once I tried it on, so I on my way out I decided to run down the dresses aisle.  I never wear dresses, but found a cute summer dress from H&M (new with the tags still on) and it had the same salmon pink color as the purse in I had to have it.  I'd also found (earlier in the shopping trip) a gray/black sort of dull metallic w/ gemstones pair of flip flops (Merona) that will go with the dress.  I love when whole outfits come together like that.  The dress is sleeveless and, since we don't have many super warm days here, I found 2 cardigans that I already own that will match really well.  One is a melony salmon color and the other is light gray.  Exciiiited!! :) 

Can't wait to wear this when our temps rise back up again.
Dress $9.65 ~ Purse $6.65 ~ Flip Flops $6.65
 Thrifted Items
Jeans $3 Gloria Vanderbilt (Goodwill)
Turquoise T-Shirt
Navy Cardigan
Flat Loafers $4 Enzo Angiolini (Value Village)


  1. I hope you can wear your summerdress soon. I love this flipflops ♥

  2. Lisa, honestly, I can't wait to see you in a dress!

  3. love the navy and torquoise color combo here! I love dresses and skirts and can't wait to see you in this beautiful one. What made you decide to have this change and interest to get a dress???

    1. It matched the purse I wanted to buy. haha I went through a period when I wore mostly skirts, but ended that 2-3 years ago. I still wore a skirt on occasion, but rarely a dress. This one just caught my eye, is so lightwieght, and will be comfortable and casual with the flip flops or I can wear heeled sandals too if I wish. PLUS, once I got it home I realized it was a size medium and almost a little big!!! Bonus! ha It mush run reeeeeally big. lol

  4. I have a top similar to that print in your dress Lisa:) Have a good weekend!

    1. That is one thing that drew me to the dress...that and the colors and casual, loose style.

  5. The dress is fantastic Lisa, I'm sure you look marvellous in it! Hopefully it will soon get warm enough for a summer dress and flipflops. I look forward to.

  6. Yay! A successful hunt! You look great in salmon so I'm sure the new dress, bag, etc. will work beautifully. It's fun to read your account of the trip.


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