Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Questionable Rust Blazer

I'm not fond of the look of this blazer in these photos.  I may try styling it again with a different top and pants...or skirt.... and if there is no improvement I will let this one go.  I do have several blazers, so I'll not be lacking.   Also, blazers are an item I seem to find quite often at very low prices and I do tend to keep my eye out for them when I'm thrifting.  So I'm sure I'll run across one in the future that catches my eye for a good price and I'll feel better about purchasing it if I know I've previously let a less favorite one go to make room for the new.
I've already made my decision to part with this beaded drawstring handbag.  I do like the beadwork, but some of the beaded fringe is missing from the bottom and I never carry it...so I've decided to re-donate this and I'll have no regrets.
Chambray button down shirt
rust blazer with chambry

chambray button down shirt
brown beaded handbag

dark brown shoes
Thrifted Items:
Jeans $3 Lee
Chambray Button Down Shirt $7 Banana Republic
Tank Top
Beaded Handbag
Necklace $5.99
Dark Brown Mules $9.10 Madeline Stuart  


  1. There are so many wonderful items of clothing in the world, there's no reason to hang on to something that doesn't please us. I find that letting a piece go opens up space in both my closet and my mind for a new piece to come in.

  2. What size is it Lisa? I LOVE it!!! Would it fit me? Can I buy it from you or do a trade???

  3. I actually like how you styled it and think it is a good basic colour to have! A shirt similar to yours is also on my shopping list:)

  4. Lovely blazer and bag very uptown combo

  5. Beaded bags are little treasures; but not if they are missing a significant portion of beads. Bravo to you for letting it go! Though the blazer is very lovely, I think you really shine in lighter, brighter tints. How cool if it would work for Joni! Let us know what is decided upon.

  6. Oh my... I love that bag--too bad about its condition. Very pretty. I used to have a velvet burgundy blazer...kind of miss it but I just never feel "at home" in structured blazers. I think I only own one now.


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