Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maxi Skirt and Velvety Blazer

I'm pretty sure I thrifted this blazer and skirt, but it was before I began notating my purchases and their pricesThe last time I wore this skirt was here in July 2012...and today was the last.  My heel keeps getting caught in the hem and I have now completely ripped it apart as well as nearly fell down in front of a drug rep that had stopped by the office. haha
This skirt could be shortened, but I don't wear it enough to bother with it, so it will be one of the items I'm letting go of.
cream black maxi skirt

black boots with maxi skirt
 Thrifted Items:
Blazer - Covington
Short Sleeved Sweater - Merona
Purse $13 Nine West
Black Boots $6.99
~ ~ ~
Necklace - gift from daughter and son-in-law  


  1. Beautiful and lovely skirt outfit. You are very elegant. I really like the jacket. The design of the skirt is beautiful.

  2. You look very elegant and beautiful! I love mix of those materials! Kisses x x x

  3. I would definitely let that skirt go, nothing is stylish enough to warrant that kind of a safety hazard. Love the blazer1

  4. The jacket is amazing. I love velvet jackets. Especially with a stand-up collar. You look chic! I also like what you have done with your hair today.

  5. I love, love, you with a skirt, Lisa.

  6. That jacket is so elegant and chic. Too bad about the skirt; it is very pretty. I love wearing maxi skirts, and in fact am wearing one today.


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