Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Orange Corduroy

 This purse (I've had for a few years) so closely matches the corduroy jacket and colors in the scarf that I could not resist my matchy tendencies.  Had to do it.

I've also had these brown leather zip up ankle boots for a few years and they might be my favorite boots I own.  I just like the style, their soft leather feel, and the color.  Plus they're very comfortable.  I will probably wear these until they are fashionably distressed....and then some.
Thrifted Items:  
Jeans $2 Sonoma
Yellow Top - St. John's Bay
Orange Corduroy Jacket
Scarf $4.99
Corduroy Purse
Ankle Boots 


  1. Yellow and orange together is so pretty, and I love, love that corduroy purse.

  2. Oh that purse is so adorable! And it does match your outfit well!

  3. dear lisa,
    i wish your bag would be mine, it is so amazing! i love the color, the cord fabric and the little flowers. also your scarf with the oriental hint is cute, you look great!

  4. bright colors are very cool on you!you should wear it more often

    Inside and Outside Blog
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  5. Spectacular outfit with a beautiful combination of colors. The combination of red and orange is fantastic. Gorgeous scarf and cute bag.

  6. Blazing like the sun and beautiful in this outfit. I like to do match sometimes. It is just fun and it looks like you are having fun here too!


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