Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dusty Greens

Linking up with Patti for Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.
Thrifted Items:
Jeans $4.99 Gloria Vanderbilt
Men's Button Down $3.99 Evan Picone
Sweater $4.99 Classic Elements
Gold Double Scarf Ring (made from earring) 50 cents
Scarf $1.40
Purse $8 Nine West
Shoes $2.50 Eddie Bauer 


  1. First of all, your makeup and complexion is just gorgeous! Second, you look great in the mint green! Pretty lady!

  2. Love that you're wearing a man's shirt, and looking so feminine and pretty. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

  3. Soft and pretty color on you! You look great in blue and now, you look beautiful in soft greens! I like how you're incorporating scarves with your outfits!

  4. That color looks so pretty on you. You look good in all the colors I can't wear :(

  5. hello lisa,
    you look so good with your new hairdo and these fantastic earrings!
    i like the cableknit of your sweater.

  6. Beautiful shade of green. You look so good in soft colors.

  7. Such a beautiful outfit and you look amazing in it. Perfectly matched and thrifted? The TV shoes showing outstanding thrifters should have you on them. You are the Queen of all thrifters and excellent outfits too.

  8. You look wonderful in soft colors. Love the addition of the scarf and pattern mixing with the shirt cuffs showing.

  9. Yes, we're noticing how well you mixed those subtle prints, you minx! Pretty as usual, and you demonstrate that if thrifting blondes don't have more fun, they sure do get their share. You have every reason to show off!


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