Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hair Disaster...But Happy Feet

Pardon my missing head today.  I'm trying to save money by coloring my hair myself and had a self imposed disaster yesterday.  At the moment my hair is almost exactly the color of my jeans.  I'll be attempting to alleviate my head of some of it's glow tomorrow.  We'll see what happens.  I knew it was inevitible that I was going to miss my professionally foiled highlights.  I am just going to have to resign myself to the fact of having a drastically substandard hair color because I refuse to keep paying nearly $1000 a year for my salon treatments.
So my apologies in advance for my possibly continuing hair crisis.  As bad as it may look must surely be an improvement over today. ha  
It's funny how you are more apt to roll with things when you're older.  I even went to work like this.  In my younger years I would have been in tears and horrified.  Oh, and my hair was actually melting and breaking off....  I won't even need a bang trim this month (which I do myself) because the ends fell off. ha
But it's only hair, right?

 But, hey!  The shoes!  Yep, another pair of my recent finds that I got for $4.  They are a little lighter in color than in the photo...more like a light tan or nude.  And they're a reeeeally soft leather.  My feet were so happy today!
  Thrifted Items:
Jeans $3 Gloria Vanderbilt
Blue Cardigan
Yellow Tank Top
Yellow/Blue/Black Striped Button Down $2.50 George
Purse $8 Nine West
Loafers $4 Naturalizer   


  1. I'm sorry you had a hair disaster, but I am giggling a little bit over these pictures without your head! And imagining your hair the color of your pants! I hope you can tone it down a bit! I hear you on not wanting to pay salon prices anymore. I won't go anywhere but Great Clips or Fantastic Sams for haircuts. They do fine.

    I love the purse, I have a Nine West purse I've been carrying right now too!

  2. I do my own hair color also and sometimes things just don't go as planned- sorry about your hair. Your yellow outfit is so cheery. I love it with the blue cardigan.

  3. Yep. Been there. But my mom was a hair dresser so I have always known about coloring. I'm lucky that way. Today I went to the hairdresser to get a cut. She always does a good job and she's adorable. Anyway, you need to get some good conditioner and experiment with hair colors a bit. And try to smile.

  4. Lisa, the bottom of you is so sunshine-y. I am so sorry you don't like your hair and am so hoping that you will get it just like you want. I just dump Loreal Feria on mine, and the more fiery red and/or purple it turns out, the happier I am. Once in a while, I get my stylist to do it because she does my eyebrows too (which I tried myself last time with okay results), but I understand trying to cut back on beauty expenses.

    Sending big, big hair hugz & bestest wishes!

  5. Super chic look! We're so happy to have found your blog!

    ox from NYC!


  6. I gave up coloring, too, but I insist on a professional cut. I've been using and old, old standby - Sun In Spray. Since my hair is blond with grey (LOTS of grey), I spray it before blowdrying and it ends up looking like natural highlights. Salon highlights are definitely a thing of the past for me!

  7. Oh, Lisa!
    This is funny...but I'm not laughing at you. It brings back memories of when I tried this myself. Yes, it was a disaster, too! On the bright side, it will grow back! :)
    At least the headless outfit is cute!


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