Thursday, November 29, 2012


This is about as funky and out there as I get.  Two skirts!  
While thrifting recently I saw this somewhat oversized military green jacket for $2 thought I needed it.  I saw a blog photo of someone wearing theirs over a skirt and thought I'd try that too, although...on me, I think it will look better with just jeans.
Well, my hair is back to a moderately acceptable status after applying yet another hair color to it.   Yay!

 Thrifted Items:
Green Skirt
Creamy White Skirt
Sweater $4.99 Classic Elements
Purse $2.99 Chaos Leather Collection
Jacket $2 Democracy   


  1. Great idea and it looks super. I need more good ideas like that. I'm sort of in a rut now. And I'm freezing so a jacket like that would be good too.

  2. Wow! Nice idea. And I will prolly steal it ;D!!! hope you don't mind ;).
    I love the shoes too.
    x, Lara

  3. You, rebel, you! Looks great. Clever idea.

  4. it is a fantastic mix lisa, the robust jacket and the romantic skirt! your gorgeous lace boots round it up.

  5. Oh, I like your experiment very much, so super cool, yet easy. Yay for hair saves!


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