Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brown and Blue

Thrifted Items:
Jeans $6.99 Express
White Blouse
Brown Jacket - Coldwater Creek
Brown Wedged Leather Loafers $7.99  Me Too 


  1. Oh I love that fuzzy scarf! I wish I had that today, it's chilly outside!

  2. I wore the very same color combo today--brown slacks and a denim blouse. Those wedged loafers look super comfy.

  3. Lisa, this combination is so chic and luxurious. Those teal pants are gorgeous; I love how the scarf pics up the colors.

  4. this is a great outfit on you Lisa. I'm in love with that jacket. I've had a brown jacket on my want list for a long time. I had one I bought from Old Navy for super cheap but it was too short waisted on me. I think this is a really creative out fit on you. Wear it again and again!

  5. I see you and I feel warm. Aaah. That's exactly what I'm looking for myself. Your scarf is deep and cuddly. I love this colour combination.


  6. Great post!!

    Wow loving this too much :) :)

    Love your style and wanted you to know that I’ll be following you around;)

    Come by for a chat :)



  7. a beautiful scarf, lisa. i love the combinaton of brown and blue and how you did your hair today.

  8. Hi :3 I have an award for you.. pick it up if you have time ^^

  9. Nice outfit, I love the jacket and scarf. I love your hair.


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