Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seaside Drive

Today John and I went on a little seaside drive.  We walked through part of a park we hadn't been to before, but we didn't attempt the steep and long trail to the beach.  We just walked through the wooded area.  We stopped at a little marina and watched someone kiteboarding.  I'd never seen this done before.  We had a good day.
Now I'm getting ready to make spaghetti with a mushroom and tomato marinara sauce.  
I hope you've had a nice Thursday too. :)

 I wore my new dragonfly earrings today too, but they don't show up so well in this photo.  I felt happy wearing them.

Thrifted Items:  Green Pants $4.20 Karen Scott, green tank top, ruffled top, necklace $2.10.


  1. You look great! glad you had a good day! sounds fun~

  2. you are a lucky girl, living with the sea nearby! your earrings are beautiful but your necklace not less. your ruffled top has a gorgeous patterrn and delightful colours.

  3. What a pretty outfit! You and John had a fun have lots of options for a outing living close to water.

  4. Lisa, what a super duper blouse! It's VERY flattering on you. Wear it more more more!


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