Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fading Summer Sparkle

Today I'm sporting a bit of sparkle in my top and sandals.  I'm also wearing new silver earrings that I purchased in a set of 3 (also includes gold and an antique black) for $7.99 at the drug store.  They caught my eye the day I ran in for those lipsticks.  They are super lightweight and so will be good for wearing all day at work and won't hurt my ears when I've got the phone pressed to my ear a lot.  
Our weather is fluctuating and had cooled off, but it looks like a couple of more warmish days are sneaking in this week allowing me to dress in clothes I love and that are comfortable.

Below are a couple of pics of me in a pair of my glasses.  I do have to wear glasses, but I take them off to take the blog photos.  In the bottom one I'm standing in front of our bedroom window.  I always take the photos in the bedroom, but from a different angle so I can prop the camera on top of the dresser.

Have a great Wednesday!
Thrifted Items:  White pants, black t-shirt, sparkly tank $4, black/white pearl bracelet $1.40, purse $8 Fossil, sandals.


  1. I love a bit of sparkle! We have had some warm days here this week:) Lovely glasses!

  2. Love the sparkle! It's not too much, it's just the right amount!

  3. Why didn't I think of wearing a tank with a T? Looks great. Love the classic white/black combo.
    You look good in your glasses.

  4. You look great in your glasses. And that's a wild top - I love the glittery bits in this outfit.

  5. Dang girl, do you ever have a hair out of place? You always look so perfect--hair, makeup, outfit--always perfect.

    You look good in glasses too!

    It is still hot here and will be for a while, although 80 and 90 seems cool compared to 100+

  6. I think you look great in your glasses!

  7. So great how the excellent top and sandals echo. You are lovely in your glasses, and what amazing skin you have. There's nothing fading of the sparkle which is you, Lisa!

  8. You smile outdo your gorgeous top, my dear friend.

  9. You look beautiful with your glasses on -- their oval shape is optimal for your face. And the thin frames are attractive.

    Nice earrings and pretty sandals.

  10. you look so cute with you glasses! and i love your tunic with the graphic pattern, it is so pretty.

  11. You look so cute in your glasses. In a way it's kind of sad to wear the last summer outfits, although most people are ready for fall by now. Good idea to wear a tee under the tank. That is a fabulous tank. At my age I wouldn't wear the tank alone.

  12. Lisa, I had no WiFi at the beach last week and am behind on my blog reading, so I'm late to the party, but you look really great in your glasses.


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