Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Bonsai Garden Visit

The bonsai garden's website we visited had the following description:
"Elegance and serenity. Drama and passion. Bonsai is an ancient Asian art form that finds root in human emotion.  Bonsai are miniaturized, living trees shaped by artists to portray scenic large trees in nature."
It was interesting to learn that at least one in this collection had been started from an overgrown tree in someone's back yard.  Some were from trees that were a hundred years old or so.  One was actually from a tree that was 1000 years old.  Many had been "in training" as a bonsai for around 40 years.  One was from a pear tree that still blossoms and one had crabapples dangling from it.
I love the twisted trunks with the variance of color and texture. 

Thrifted Items:  Floral skirt, striped top $2.50 Karen Scott, denim top $1.99 Chic, bracelets, necklace, purse.


  1. Wow, a daring outfit today. It's very brave mix stripes with stamping. But the outfit looks good. I like your hair.

  2. hey lisa, i love your pattern mix, you look pretty! I also like what you have done with your hair, shorter and curly gives you a very nonchalant look.

  3. They're amazing plants. Lovely to look at. I could say the same about you!

  4. I really like your hair like this.
    The bonsai are amazing. I saw some in Birmingham, Alabama that were amazing. It is so hard to believe that they are as old as they are because they look so fresh.

  5. You look mahvelous! Your hair looks really cute, gives you a whole new look. Bonsai is fascinating, looks like a nice exhibit.


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