Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Odd Couple

I had numerous people comment, and compliment, the pairing or this orangy coral color with the purple.  I liked it, but it made me feel like it was an unusual match up.  What do you think?

Thrifted Items:  White jeans $4.50 Amanda by Gloria Vanderbilt, purple blouse $3.50 Taylor and Henry Casuals, purse Eddie Bauer, cork wedged sandals $5.60 Ilani Italia.
Necklace $15 = online
Gold Bracelet $5.99 = Rite Aid
Gold Watch $16.99 = Target


  1. I think it is fabulous. Especially love it with the jacket. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  2. An unusual match up is what makes it so great on this post. I love the two colors together. Now if you were wearing turquoise pants, that might be too much. haha!

    1. And I do indeed own turquoise pants. If I had thought of them I could very possibly have taken this look right over the edge. haha

  3. Yes, this match is inspired. No wonder people commented! Love it.

  4. I love it! I don't think it is unusual at all. I think it is quite stunning. The addition of the jacket makes it really stunning.
    I think the colors remind me of iris, which seem to have very intense vivid colors that I love to see.

  5. oh, these colours go together well, they even complement each other and are flattering you. your necklace is gorgeous!

  6. Love the color combo...outstanding!


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