Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spearmint and Roses

This button down has green vertical stripes which are not very visible in these photos.  I am not one for tucking in shirts, so I have fallen in love with button downs just worn loose.  I wore these pants on Monday, but found myself too lazy to totally redo my nail color and was in a semi clothes crisis last night, so I ended up wearing them again today.  That's acceptable now and then, right? :)

Thrifted Items:  Pants $4.20 Karen Scott, button down blouse $4.90 Old Navy, green tank top, scarf, bracelets, purse $13 Nine West, sandals Mootsies Tootsies.



  1. Perfectly acceptable! ;)
    Is that the vintage looking scarf you recently purchased? It looks nice with the celery pants. Sheila had on some pants a lot like these in a recent post. I used the word "celery" over there too. I must be having a celery craving or something.

  2. Pretty colors that look nice together. Visiting your blog always makes me smile.

  3. more than acceptable, even with this beautiful scarf. you love your earrings with the colorful pearls and your shoes with this exceptional shape!

  4. lovely post!

  5. I love the colors in this outfit. The rose print is so soft and ethereal. Love the shoes!

  6. It's completely acceptable. I have been known to (cough) wear the same skirt two days in a row, or the same pants twice in one week. I like these green capris - cropped ankle pants are my new style obsession these days :)


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