Monday, August 6, 2012

Dragonflies and Incense

Those were my purchases today.  I went to a little West Seattle shop and saw these dragonfly earrings ($15) and couldn't resist.  Dragonflies remind me of my honeymoon.  Part of our honeymoon was spent by the ocean and another part we went to Ashland, Oregon to a Shakespeare Festival and while there we walked to and dined at a restaurant called Dragonfly.  It was a romantic time...and so I relate dragonflies to romance and love.  
The shop smelled really good...mmmm Nag Champa I bought a box of that too.
I met my daughter for lunch.  Here is the simple outfit I wore with flip flops.

And Shelley's easy, chic style of cute black flats, scarf, rolled up skinny jeans and ponytail.
Thrifted Items:  Green capri pants $4.20 Karen Scott, striped top $2.80 Karen Scott, necklace, bracelets.


  1. I would have bought those earrings, too. I love your stories of your romance with your husband. I guess I'm just naturally a bit mooshy, and enjoy other peeps' happy endings.

  2. I love those romantic stories too. O and I watched a big marmalade cat chasing a dragonfly this evening. You guys both look great!

  3. So I must ask, what store did you go into today? I was shopping here in West Seattle too. Funny if I had run in to you. ;) Where did you go for lunch? As I'm typing this I can't remember a shop down here that smells like incense in particular but now you've got my head spinning. Do tell!

  4. Lovely and delicate outfit. It loves me the combination of colours. Very beautiful.

  5. your earrings are so delightful and as a reminder to a romantic time even more. your daughter has the same amiable smile as you, she really is a beauty.

  6. Lisa, what a romantic story about the dragonfly reference...i may see them differently now!

  7. Lovely earrings. Your daughter is beautiful, she does have the same beautiful smile that you do. She got your chic gene too!


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