Saturday, July 7, 2012

Big Daddy Came Home With Me

Big Daddy is the name of my favorite nail polish I got yesterday.  I purchased 7 on sale at $1.50 each.  Big Daddy is a bright tangerine orange that is going to look great with a lot of my outfits.  My two other favorites are Thimbleberry which is a coral and Gogo Girl which is a bright red.  The aforementioned colors did not photograph quite the true color.  Maybe they'll show up better on my nails.   I usually only wear a China Girl red color called Salsa on my toes, but I've gone plum polish crazy. ha   I've got a horrible urge to go back and buy more.  I really don't know if I'll end up wearing the ones in the top photo much, but I'll try them out.  They may end up getting passed on to my daughter. 
From left to right:  Gorgeous, Rise and Shine, Mint Apple, and Menthe Fresh(which looks similar to the Tiffany Blue color).
Thimbleberry, Big Daddy, Gogo Girl
Today I'm wearing Big Daddy on fingers and toes.
I'm not sure if I'm up for spending 1 1/2 to 2 hours every 5 days to keep up my fingernails.  (Removing old polish, painting base coat, polish, top coat, and then dry time.)  And I know I won't be doing my toes that often.  They'll just have to be a different color than nails because I only give myself a pedicure once a month with a couple of quick touch ups in between.
What are your thoughts on wearing or not wearing the same colors on both? 
I'm going to try to have fun with my nails at least for the summertime....or until I can't stand messing with it any more. ha 
Another dilemma is that now there is the added stress of coordinating my ouftits to my polish.  So I'm going to have to find ways to not be boring with the same color scheme for 5 days in a row.  How do people do this on a regular basis??  I don't know if I'm up for the challenge. haha
Here's how I've begun to sort some of my clothing into nail polish categories.  I put the nail polish labels above with a swatch of color and then the clothing that coordinates in the section below it for possible outfit options.

Thrifted Items:  Navy capri pants $2.80 Relativity, mustard top, navy/white striped tank $4.99 Merona, gold necklace $3.50, orange bead bracelets, yellow bracelet, sandal $3.99 Covington.
Orange Ring = Target      Gold Watch $16.99 = Target


  1. I don't wear polish--but I'm very impresseed by coordinating your closet to match the polishes!

  2. Incredible nail polishes! Nail colour is such an excellent touch. I love how you have coordinated your nail polishes to your clothes. But I'd also like to see you take a walk on the wild side (I've seen it in you) and clash those colours, baby! Or not...

    1. I probably will clash colors...out of laziness. haha


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