Friday, June 29, 2012

Island Girl

An easy, comfortable, feel good outfit to take me into the weekend.
I always take my blog photos in the morning, but on days I work I'm not able to get them posted until the evening.  I knew what I was going to title this post this morning though and so then I had the Elton John song Island Girl stuck on repeat in my head allllllll day.
Thrifted Items:  Skirt, blue t-shirt, yellow button down 99 cents L.L. Bean, necklace, purse, sandals $3.99 Covington.


  1. I love this outfit so much I don't know where to start! The colors are beautifully complementary; the necklace is a perfect touch adding even more color; tying the top is stylish and makes its bottom mirror the length of the rolled-up sleeves, and the flower-sandals are super-cute. Lisa, you're in the Advance Fashion Class! I learn just by watching you.

    Oh, and thank you for the sweet comment. You're such a nice person.

  2. You look good with this casual outfit for the holidays. The skirt and necklace are precious. The shoes are the most like you, right?

  3. Very nice colors, well-linked shirt and a nice smile....

  4. the blouse is a gorgeous color with the dress.


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